Current: Loner
Past: None
Gender: Male/Female
Idlekit, Snoozingkit
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Roleplayer: Rolelayer123

Wonder is a long-haired, pure white tom with one bright blue eye, and one coppery amber eye.

History Edit

Wonder is a loner, traveling from one place to another.
He comes across three strange cats, Blaise, Ember, and Celeste. He thinks them a bit odd, but finds himself agreeing to go on a desperately long journey with them. Blaise explains everything, saying that he wished to travel to his home-land, in Delhi India. Wonder is intrigued, and soon joins them.
His new companions are very interesting to him, each have completely different backgrounds. But he seems to take a paticular interest in Celeste. He can sense her loneliness, despite traveling with her new friends. He senses he needs to help her.
Over the course of time, the four cats make their way to a ship port, where Blaise directs them to the right ship to board. Wonder is intrigued by the ocean, and often spends his time looking out of the windows at the sea. Two humans provide them with food during their time on the cruise.
When they arrive at a small town in Paris, they get off the ship. Wonder and Celeste spend a lot of time together while traveling through, both seem to be very interested in the delicious smells of food surrounding them, and the many things to look at in the shop windows. They grow particularly close, and Wonder finds himself falling in love with her despite never having been interested in taking a mate before.
When they are all attacked by a dog, they manage to fight it off, but receive nasty injuries. They find a den to shelter in, and Wonder does his best to treat their wounds.
It's a while before they can start traveling again, but once they are all healed up, they go on their way.
A few months later they find themselves traveling through a vast jungle. They have trouble making their way through, and this slows them down.
When they finally reach the end of the jungle they begin to travel across a small dessert.
The fore cats finally make it to Delhi, much to Blaise's amazement and happiness.

Personality Edit

Wonder is mysterious, and a bit secretive. However, he has a very warm heart, and is willing to help anyone who needs it.


Real Life ImageEdit


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