Ah, welcome friends. I am Revalan, leader of this pack. This pack is about courage and loyalty. If you have neither of those, I recommend leaving and never returning. We do not tolerate evil and deceivers in this pack. If you wish to join, please tell me.

Strengths: Fearless, loyal, and courageous. Nothing fazes the Wolves. We can fight the toughest enemy unscratched and help those in need.

Weakness: We rarely are seen in the daylight.


Pack Leader: Revalan - A jet-black female wolf with shaggy fur and yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Hawkfire98.



Pack Wolves:

Kalakyu - A male gray and white wolf with blue eyes. Role Played by Echo.

Learn Wolves:



Old Ones:


Kalakyu sighed.

Revalan stared into the empty boulders and caverns. "Kalakyu, we will get more members soon. I am sure of it. I hear wolves howling every night, even on the new moon."

"I saw some rabid wolves earlier." Kalakyu barked.

Revalan whipped around, yellow eyes glittering. "The foam-mouth disease? It's returned to the Forestland! We must, at all cost, rid of it," she growled.

Kalakyu nodded.

The big black wolf looked to the stars. "Also, my friend, I have scented a different kind of animal frequently near our territory. I've seen them in the shadows. Small, slender creatures with glowing eyes. They make noises like the squeaking of mice."

"They are cats. I have spoken with a few. They are scared of our kind, but mainly because of the rabid wolves from the mountains." Kalakyu said. His long fur blew in the breeze.

Revalan let out a growl of interest. "What are they like? Do they have the foam-mouth disease as well?"

"They are terrified of the foam-mouth disease. They started to get freaked out when I talked to them because they thought I had it." Kalakyu barked.

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