As said here, we've discussed this on the IRC; and think it's a pretty good idea. Here, I'm going to put all the characters that haven't been roleplayed in a while. If you see your character here, and want him/her back on the allegiances, add them back your self, notify me, and delete them from this list. Also, notify me if you wish to delete any of your characters, or give them away. Thank you - ☻Nightfall☻Follow the brightest star in the sky!
03:42, August 17, 2010 (UTC)



Bellsong - dark golden she-cat with white paws, and a white tipped tail. Role played by Leafpool.
Whitewater - yellow-brown tom with brown streaks. Role played by Construction Worker.
Mistdapple - beautiful brown tabby she-cat. Role played by Echopaw.
Frostpelt - dark gray she-cat with long fur. Role played by Clarrissa koins.
Morningfur - dappled she-cat with green eyes. Role played by Talltail.
Cloverleaf - light brown tabby she-cat with green eyes and a white splash on her nose. Role played by Maplefern.
Wishfall - silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes. Role played by Maplefern.
Beechblaze - light gray tom with dark gray eyes. Role played by Construction Worker.
Blazefur - ginger tom with green eyes. Role played by Blazefur.
Bramblestripes - dark tabby tom with a white underbelly and yellow eyes. Role played by Mousestep.
Russetcloud - dark ginger she-cat with lighter splotches and blue eyes. Role played by Cloverheart.
Dappleleaf - dappled ginger and white she-cat. Role played by Echoheart.
Mistflight - silver she-cat with black stripes and a black tail. Role played by Dalton.
Bluemist - blue gray she-cat with silver paws and chest. Role played by Icestorm.
Stormmask - sleek, gray and white tom. Role played by Echopaw.
Pebbleshine - silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Role played by Frostheart.
Mousebriar - dusky brown she-cat with a white tail. Role played by Fawnstorm.


Bubblepaw - undersized she-cat with the palest gray pelt. Role played by Leafpool.
Cindercloud - fluffy gray she-cat. (medicine cat apprentice) Role played by Maplefern.
Pepperpaw - pale ginger she-cat with brown and darker ginger spots. Role played by Leafpool.
Thymepaw - black she-cat with deep, bluish green eyes. Role played by Leafpool.
Waterpaw - mottled blue gray she-cat with light blue eyes. Role played by Waterheart.
Stormpaw - gray she-cat with darker stripes and purple eyes. Role played by Waterstorm.
Mallowpaw - gray she-cat with darker patches and deep blue eyes. Role played by Fawnstorm.
Oceanpaw - silver tabby she-cat with white paws and blue eyes. Role played by Maplefern.


Blazekit - ginger tom with lighter tabby stripes. Role played by Everettclaw.
Lunarkit - ginger she-cat. Role played by Everettclaw.

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