Serinna pads in. She falls to the ground and starts coughing.

Ashkit pads in and runs to Serinna "Are you ok!"

Serinna just coughs. Her fur was feeling hot and her eyes were dull.

"I will get you some water" he said as he ran out

Ashkit ran back in with water "Here drink it." he ordered

Pinewhisker burst through the entrance, skidding to a halt beside Serinna. "Serinna? Are you ok?" he asked desperately. "Ashkit! Get!" Pinewhisker sat down next to Serinna and began to lick her vigorously.

Serinna coughs more before her eyes start to close and her breathing stops. She was dead.

Moonstream pads in and runs to Serinna and shakes her "Wake up please." she wailed

Serinna didn't answer.

Moonstream started trying to make her breath again

Pinewhisker just stood and stared, a dark hole filling his heart. When he finally got out of it, he shook Moonstream. "Get Sunblaze!" he rasped. He quickly began to do what Moonstream was doing, trying to make her breathe.

Serinna's eyes twitched. "Sorry, but I have to go." She murmured before she died.

Mapleclaw padded in and gasped

"No," Pinewhisker meowed. "Not now. Not ever. Please, wake up!"

Sunblaze hurried in, eyes wide. He halted by Serinna's small, limp body. "No..." he choked out. "I'm too late." He bowed his head, his gaze dark with horror.

Mintsong ran in and sat by Sunblaze. She bowed her head. "I'm sorry," She murmured. He blue eyes glazed with worry.

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