Hm...I was wondering, is it possible for me to join WC as Icestorm (WC) - fluffy white she-cat?) Brackenpaw nodded his thanks to Hawkfire wearily. He couldn't help but stare into her eyes. Before he noticed he was staring too long, he shuffled his paws and looked down at the ground.

Heatherdove looked up. "Hello, Echostream."

Echostream " Hello Heatherdove "

Echostream narrows eyes and crouches down playfuly and pounces on a flower.

Heatherdove purrs at the sight.

Echostream looks up purring then sits up and look at stomach.

Echostream " Do you want to go hunt?"

Heatherdove got up and purred. "Of course."

Eaglewing padded in and looked at Heatherdove and couldn't help giving a small purr.

Heatherdove buried her nose in her mate's pelt for several moments, then padded off with Echostream.

Echostream runs out of camp.

Eaglewing sat down watching his mate go.

Echostream slides to a stop and thinks about Barkfoot.

Barkfoot sat down.

Echostream looks around then pads over to Barkfoot purring

"What is it?" he asked.

Echostream shakes head then backs away

Hawkfire turned her head to Brackenpaw. "What's your problem?" she snapped. "Quit staring at me as though you have found a Twoleg taking over our camp!" Sunblaze shook his head, purring as his ill-tempered sister snapped at the apprentice.

Echostream glares at Hawkfire the pads out of camp

Heatherdove's shrill screech sounded a ways from camp.

Echostream runs to Heatherdove.

Hawkfire glared after Echostream. "I saw that, and I sure won't forget it!" she yowled. Suddenly, Heatherdove's screech sounded outside of the camp and in a blink of an eye, she was dashing out to help her friend.

Echostream slowes down so she would be next to Hawkfire " You ... didn't .. have to ..yell at ..him" she panted

Heatherdove's paw was caught in a Fox tarp, scarlet blood pouring everywhere. "Help!" Her soft blue eyes were glazed in horror.

Echostream started diging the stick out of the ground.

Heatherdove glanced in horror at the quickly growing puddle of blood.

Flintwhisker helped.

"Nothing!" Brackenpaw leaped back.

Echostream " I should have stayed with her, this is all my fault I should be in her place right now " she though to herself

Echostream pulls the stick and it comes out of the ground.

The trap popped open. Heatherdove quickly started licking her paw. "The blood's not slowing!" she wailed.

Eaglewing then ran to Heatherdove and started licking her wound.

Heatherdove buried her nose in her mate's fur, trying not to look at her paw.

"It's going to be okay," Eaglewing said between licks.

The blood on Heatherdove's paw still did not stop.

Echostream finds cob web and puts it on Heatherdoves paw.

"Tht hould help," Eaglewing ndded to Echostream.

Echostream " I am going to look for more "

Hawkfire and Sunblaze caught up to the bunch. Sunblaze's eyes widened with horror. "Oh, Heatherdove, look at your paw!" he gasped. Thinking quickly, the medicine cat grabbed some cobwebs from a nearby tree and ran back to put it on her paw. "Press down on it, hard!" Hawkfire urged. Sunblaze turned his back to Heatherdove. "Climb on my back, so that you won't have to walk back to camp! Hurry!"

The cobweb quickly became soaked with blood. Heatherdove stared at in pure horror, starting to become a little weak. She nodded and climbed feebly onto Sunblaze's back.

Echostream " well nevermind then " she muttered to herself

Grunting with effort, Sunblaze carried the she-cat back to camp, with Hawkfire close by his side. The other cats followed. They entered the camp and Sunblaze gently set her on his bed of moss in his den. "Hold still," he cautioned. He began picking through his herb storage.

Heatherdove started to get dizzy. "Will I die?"

Echostream looks at her paw sadly then walks away.

"I won't let you," Eaglewing said to his mate.

Flintwhisker watched them.

Hawkfire shook her head. "Of course not. Sunblaze knows what he's doing," she meowed, but there was an edge to her voice.

Sunblaze chewed up a marigold and horsetail pulp and rubbed it all over her wound until the blood began to slow down a bit. He pressed some more cobwebs on it until the bleeding was about done. "It's okay," he soothed Heatherdove.

Heatherdove gritted her teeth in sheer pain.

Mapleclaw: *eyes widen* fox

Heatherdove looked up irritably. "Of course! What do you think happened to my paw?"

Echostream looks sadly at Heatherdove

Heatherdove got up with three of her paws. "Excuse me, I need to get something." She limped off to the warriors den and returned with a dried yarrow leaf with a cat's scent on it.

Echostream tilts head to the side.

Heatherdove looked sadly at Echostream. "This was the last herb ever used by my mother. I sleep with it every night."

Echostream " ok, I hope you get better soon "

Heatherdove looked at the little leaf. I'll never forget you, Leafwave.

Echostream thought about her mother then she remember where her monther died at what she have left for her.

Echostream ran out of camp and came back with a collor that dog teeth in it " look Heatherdove "

Heatherdove looked at the teeth-covered collar. "Your mother was a Bloodclan cat?"

Echostream " She was a kitty pet and her twoleg though she looked cute with the teeth in her collor "

"Ah. Echostream.... I'm sorry." Heatherstream paused. "I think that now that I'm mates with Eaglewing, I haven't spent much time with you. I feel so guilty.."

Echostream " Its ok Heatherdove " she said as she slipped her head through the collor

Heatherdove purred. "You look like a Bloodclan Warrior!" Then she gasped in pain as her paw started throbbing again.

Echostream " Try not to move so much and what do you think Barkfoot would say if he saw me wearing this"

Heatherdove purred. "I don't know."

Echostream purred

Heatherdove blinked her eyes sleepily.

Echostream curled up in frount of Heatherdove and fell asleep with the collor still on.

Heatherdove feel asleep next to her friend.

Eaglewing layed down next to Heatherdove.

Echostream's tail twiched.

Barkfoot padded over and layed down next to Echostream

Heatherdove woke up when she felt Eaglewing, and gave him a swift lick on the ear.

Echostream woke yup when she felt Barkfoot and purred and remembered she still had on the dog-tooth collor.

Barkfoot and Eaglewing purred.

Echostream went back to sleep

Heatherdove woke up the next morning to a throbbing paw.

Echostream woke up " Are you ok Heatherdove. "

Echostream looks at Heatherdoves paw " Heatherdove?"

Heatherdove bit her tongue to keep from wailing in pain.

Echostream " Do you want a rabbit "

Echostream takes off collor

Heatherdove nodded her head, still biting her tongue.

Echostream pads away then bring back a rabbit

Heatherdove gave her a grateful look and started chewing on the rabbit.

Echostream looks at Heatherdove then turns back to the collor " Did you now you father?"

Heatherdove frowned and thought hard. "His name was Night something.."

Echostream " o, ok how is your paw "

Heatherdove looked at her paw. "It's feeling a tiny bit better, but not much." ...... "I just remembered something! His name was just Night; and he was an evil cat who would attack his foes viscously and mercilessly. Leafwave was blind to his faults and.." Heatherdove swallowed. "He killed her."

Echostreams eyes widened " oh , i am soo sorry "

Heatherdove's eyes were clouded over for a moment, then flashed up. "Echostream! Isn't your demon form called Night?!"

Echostreams widened " Yes, he is!"

"Your dark side is MY father!!!!"

Echostream " But , he said he was my father!?, I can ask him when i got to sleep".

Heatherdove closed her eyes. "Then he was lying. I don't remember any littermates.... But I do remember Night trying to kill me."

Echostream " My mother told me my father left her befor i was boren. "

Heatherdove tries to run out of camp, but her paw hurt too much. She slunk back into the medicine den.

Echostream shakes head and goes to sleep.

Heatherdove glances at Echostream. "Oh, come here you great lump!" She leaped onto her friend and nipped her ear playfully.

Echostream wakes up " Hey, no fair i was not ready and do you think we had the same fathers ."

"Too bad!" Heatherdove grabbed onto her tail with her teeth and tugged on it. "I don't know."

Eachostream narrows her eyes playfuly and grabbes Heatherdove tail and pulls it.

Heatherdove purred and held Echostream down.

Echostream lets self go limp then slides from her grip and pins her down carful with her paw.

"Okay, Okay you win!" Heatherdove purred.

Echostream got off and she lifted he head proudly. Ravenheart looked at the two cats. "Looks like you're having fun. Anyways, Is Sunblaze here?"

Heatherdove shook her head. "He went to gather more herbs." she turned to Echostream. "When do you think I'll be able to hunt with you again?"

Echostream "When your paw is better i might be in the nursrey."

Ravenheart turned and padded out, upset about the she-cats talking about kits. 'I don't need ANY of that. My last mate still hates me, and I don't even care.' He thought, grabbing a rabbit from the fresh-kill pile

Echostream stares at Ravenheartthe turns back to Heatherdove with sad eyes " I dont think Barkfoot likes me anymore "

Ravenheart looks back at Echostream, then away again. "What's Wrong with her?" He hissed

Echostream pads to Ravenheart " Do you want to go hunting? "

"No, I have to wait for Sunblaze. I have a giant thorn in my pad."

Echostream " oh , ok " she said as she padded away.

Ravenheart looked at her. 'She has a mate, and I don't like her, I like another she-cat!' That thoiught ran through his mind about 30 times

Echostream looked sadly at her paws woundering if Barkfoot still liked her.

Heatherdove sighed and looked at her paw. "I hope I don't ever get kits."

Echostream looked up " Why,I have always wanted kits. "

Heatherdove turned to her. "If I hade kits, I couldn't go hunting, or hang with my friends."

Echostream " Oh , ok "

Heatherdvoe looked at her paw. "Could you go get Sunblaze? My paw is bleeding again.

Echostream got up " Sure " she said as paded to Sunblazes den

(We're in his den. He's collecting herbs right now.)

( oh, i new that )

Echostream pads out and looks for Sunblaze " Sunblaze!"

Echostream yawns and looks for Barkfoot.

The handsome golden tom slipped into the camp entrance. "What is it Echostream? Is it your kits?" he gasped. Sunblaze dropped the herbs in his den before running back out.

Hawkfire's flame-colored pelt appeared as she darted out of her den. "Echostream, is Heatherdove alright?' Her mew shook with worry for her friend.

Echostream " Her paw started to bleed again and i couldn't find Sunblaze "

Echostream turned to Sunblaze" I feel little stabs of pain and Heatherdoves paw is bleeding. "

Sunblaze's eyes widened. "Quick, come into my den. Hawkfire, go get Heatherdove and bring her GENTLY into my den." His golden tabby pelt disappeared in the shadows of his den.

Hawkfire grumbled at being told what to do but she leaped beside Heatherdove. "You can get up, I know you can. We have to go to Sunblaze's den to make your paw feel better. Please," she encouraged her friend.

Echostream fallows Sunblaze then backs out to help Hawkfire.

(On the IRC, a hawk tried to drag her away by her paw, but Eaglewing killed it.) Heatherdove got up to her paws and limped towards the medicine den, stumbling sometimes.

Echostream fallowed her

Hawkfire padded close beside her, making sure she doesn't fall.

Sunblaze sat down in between two fresh moss nests for the two she-cats, his tail curled neatly over his paws. "Come in."

Echostream pads in and looks at the nests then winces because of sharp pain in stomach.

Echostream yowls in pain and lays in the nest that Sunblaze made.

Barkfoot ran in. Followed by Eaglewing.

Echostream winces in pain and stares in Barkfoots eyes.

Barkfoot sat down and started grooming Echostream,"I love you,"

Echostream " I love you to and the kit might be coming soon "

"The kits may be coming," Barkfoot repeated.

Echostream " Yes, that's what I said "

Barkfoot snapped back,"I'm sorry, my mother died in kitting, I don't want that to happen to you," Barkfoot said looking at his mate with worried eyes.

Echostream " Dont worrie it wont happen " Echostream said looking at him with confident eyes.

Echostream " Since i am going to sleep in here I have to get some thing, " she said as she padded away she came back with a collor that had teeth in it " It was my mothers. "

Echostream runs out

Barkfoot gasped,"Your mother was from BloodClan?" he asked in surprise.

Echostream " No she was a kitty pet then she ran away, but anyway her twoleg put the teeth in it" she said as she put on th collor then she went to sleep.

Twilightkit poked the collar and ran away.

Echostream pads to twilightkit " Do you want to look at it? "

Twilightkit looks at the collar. "It's... it's just so cool!"

Echostream smiles "were is your mother" she said as she poked the kit with her tail.

Echostream purrs " I cant wait to have my kits "

Heatherdove was fast asleep, with fresh cobwebs wrapped around her injured paw. She had a smile of contentment.

Echostream padded over to Heatherdove and went to sleep.

Heatherdove stirred but stayed asleep.

Echostreams paw twiched then she woke up and yawned and hide the collor.

"Sometimes I wonder why I still bother to keep catching my own prey," Pinewhisker complained. "I'm not as young and fit as I used to be, although if I do say so myself, I look pretty good." He crained his neck and heard the eager sound of Beechpaw inside Cloudstar's den. "I know he's ready to become a warrior, but instead of fighting me, he'd probably talk me to death."

Sagepae sat down.

Heatherdove limped out of the medicine den, her paw beginning to heal.

Ashkit bounces around looking for Cloudstar.

Ashkit pads to Heatherdove "What happened to your paw?"

Heatherdove's eyes flamed. "Why do you care?!" She turned and saw the little kit and her gaze softened. "It was an accident in the forest, that's all."

Serinna started coughing.

Jaycloud came in with a rabbit. "Whitewater?"

Heatherdove sighed and stared at the hills beyond camp.

Hawkfire padded in, her ear badly torn from yesterday's training with Sagepaw. "Hey WindClan!" she mewed.

Heatherdove motioned for Hawkfire to come over.

Ashkit "O ,ok" he said as he sat in frount if her.

Heatherdove growled playfully at the little kit and poked him with her tail.

Ashkit narrowed her eyes and tryed to bit Heatherdoves tail

Heatherdove held her tail just out of the little tom's reach.

Ashkit jumps trying to reach Heatherdoves tail.

Echostream pads in and sits next to Heatherdove.

Hawkfire padded over to Heatherdove. Her pelt looked like a flame in the sunlight. "Yes?"

"Hawkfire, can you find Sunblaze and ask him whether I can hunt yet or not?"

Ashkit looks at Hawkfire "Hi Hawkfire" he says as her jumps on her tail and bits it

Hawkfire flicked her tail at her friend. "Of course!" She noticed Ashkit chasing it and she whacked him gently with her tail. "Couldn't catch that one, could you?" she purred.

Sunblaze's golden head popped out of the medicine cat den. "Did someone say my name?"

Ashkit laughts

Echostream purrs and licks her paws

Heatherdove flicked her ear. "I did. Sunblaze, can I hunt yet?"

Ashkit climes on top of Hawkfire.

Whitewater padded out of the warriors' den. "Yes, Jaycloud?"

Sunblaze examined Heatherdove's paw and he hesitated. "Yes, but you must be careful to not step on anything sharp and ccould cut you." he meowed.

Hawkfire played with Ashkit by acting like an angry badger and trying to throw him off.'

Spottail walked in.

Ashkit held on trying to not fall off

Whitewater chuckled as he watched his son. "Hang on Ashkit! Aim for the muzzle!" he shouted. Then, he turned back to Jaycloud.

Hawkfire's green gaze glittered with amusement. She bared her teeth and let out a amused growl, "Watch out! I'm going to eat you!" She gently set Ashkit on the ground and batted at his ears with one sheathed paw.

Sunblaze purred as he watched his sister and the kit play-wrestle.

Ashkit pawed at Hawkfire's muzzle.

Swiftflight lay stretched out on his side, watching Hawkfire and Ashkit. Watching them play made his heart ache horribly, but he flicked his ears, attempting to push the feeling away.

Ashkit ran over to Swiftflight and jumped on him.

Heatherdove's eyes gleamed. "Thank you, Sunblaze!" She turned and raced out of camp.

Ashkit ran after her eyes full of wonder then he loses sight of her and wonders around.

Sagepaw practiced pressure points on a log.

Ashkit pads in.

Mapleclaw: *pads in* hello everyone

Ashkit runs to Mapleclaw "Hi."

Brackenpaw padded in, his tail drooping.

Ashkit ran to Brackenpaw "Hello."

Barkfoot sat down and rolled on his back.

Echostream pads in and sits behind Barkfoot purring

Echostream "Barkfoot can i talk to you?"

"Yes?" Barkfoot purrs at his mate.

Beechpaw padded into the camp and looked around. "Cloudstar! I've been outside the camp for my assesment for hours now! Can you please hurry?" he asked impatiently.

Sagepaw rolled her eyes,"I've been a apprentice for more moons then you and I'm still an apprentice," she said annoyed.

Heatherdove padded into camp, dragging behind her a hawk big enough to feed the Nursery AND Warriors den.

Eaglewing purred at his mate.

Heatherdove padded over and gave him a swift lick. "I need to ask you something."

"Yes?" Eaglewing asked.

"I'm wondering what you'd think if I had kits."

"Then, talk to Cloudstar, Sagepaw. I know he'll give you your assesment soon, too!" Beechpaw replied. He then began scuffing his paws in the grass as he waited for Cloudstar.

Mapleclaw: *looks over at Sagepaw*

Sagepaw sat down looking at her legs and sighed.

Echostream "Do you still like me."

"Whitewater, I really like you and I was wondering, will you be my mate?" Jayclod asked.

Ashkit ran to Jaycloud "Hi"

Beechpaw walked up to Sagepaw and nuzzled her for a second, then stepped back. "I...I'm sorry...I...uhhh..." he stuttered. Face red with embarrassment, Beechpaw turned and ran outside the camp and sat down near the entrance. "Maybe it's not Sunpaw who I's Sagepaw..." he whispered. "I hope she's not mad at me..."

Whitewater looked at Jaycloud for a moment, then walked up and rested his muzzle in her fur. "Of course I will," he said happily.

Jaycloud nuzzled him. A purr rose in her throat.

Dreampaw looked at her brother. "Love," She snorted. "Am I in love," She asked her self.

Ashkit jumps on Whitewater's tail.

Whitewater did the same, purring happily. He also didn't notice Ashkit jumping on his tail

Ashkit bits Whitewaters tail trying to be noticed.

Taken by surprise, Whitewater jumped up into the air with a yelp. Once he landed, he turned and faced Ashkit. "Ashkit! Please don't bite my tail like that. I think it's time you head back to the nursery." Sighing, he turned back to Jaycloud. "Sorry about that." he said, clearly embarrassed.

Ashkit runs away.

Mapleclaw: *nuzzles Sagepaw* see you are loved

"I love him," Sagepaw just realized.

(Wait, did Ashkit run out of the camp, or into the nursery?)

( he ran away from Whitewater he stayed in the camp )

"Mapleclaw," Sagepaw whispered.

Echostream looks at Barkfoot.

Barkfoot sat down.

Echostream "Do you still like me"

"Wait, Ashkit! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to be rude!" Whitewater yelled after him. He rested his muzzle into Jaycloud's fur. "Now my son's mad at me," he said sadly.

"I love you," Barkfoot said.

Echostream sighed and purred.

Ashkit ran in frount of the warriors den and looked at his paws.

Mapleclaw: *sits next to Sagepaw* what is it?

"I can stand," Sagepaw stood up her hind paws looking normal.

Ashkit looks at Whitewater sadly.

Looking up, Whitewater noticed Ashkit nearby. He walked over to him and cuffed his ear. "I'm sorry I snapped. I promise I won't do it again, just as long as you promise not to bite my tail anymore."

Ashkit "ok."

Sagepaw ran after Beechpaw,"Stop!" she yelled.

Echostream licked Barkfoots.

"Alright, time for you to head back to the nursery," Whitewater replied. He picked Ashkit up by his scruff, then walked over to the nursery and sat him down. Whitewater then turned and walked back to Jaycloud.

Beechpaw sat up and looked at Sagepaw. "I'm sorry, Sagepaw," he began, but couldn't find the right words, so he lay back down sadly.

Ashkit yawned and went to sleep outside of the nursery.

"It's no problem," Sagepaw purred as she nuzzled him.

"I love you," Barkfoot said then he got scared,"Do you love me?"

Echostream "Yes, I love you more than anything."

Barkfoot purred.

Sagepaw layed down next to Beechpaw and put her muzzle in his fur.

Echostream purred "Do you think I should move to the nursery?"

Beechpaw looked at Sagepaw, taken completely by surprise. He then smiled broadly, turned his head to face Sagepaw, then rested his head on hers.

Sagepaw purred.

Barkfoot nodded.

Beechpaw purred happily as well.

Echostream "Ok."

Sagepaw was asleep next to Beechpaw, she had a smile on her face.

Beechpaw looked at Sagepaw and purred, then fell asleep beside her.

Ashkit woke up and padded to Echostream and Barkfoot "Hi."

"Hi," Barkfoot said to the kit.

Eaglewing sat down.

Sagepaw was asleep and purring.

Pinewhisker padded outside the camp to go hunting when he notice Beechpaw and Sagepaw asleep together. He smiled, then padded ever-so-quietly away.

Echostream " Hello" she said to the little kit

Ashkit climbed on Barkfoot happily.

Pinewhisker padded into camp with three small rabbits in his jaws and dropped them on the fresh-kill pile. "That was the easiest catch in the history of easy catches. They just sat there and let me catch them! Oh, if you go outside the camp, try to be quiet," he said.

Barkfoot pretended to be hurt.

Ashkit looked proudly at Echostream.

Sagepaw woke up and began grooming Beechpaw's pelt.

Beechpaw purred in his sleep.

Ashkit yawns

Echostream took him off of Barkfoot and put him infrount of her so he could go to sleep.

Beechpaw woke up to Sagepaw grooming him. He smiled and purred, then began to groom her as well.

Ashkit ran to Whitewater "Hi."

Sagepaw purred.

Barkfoot was quickly asleep.

Echostream purred and started grooming Barkfoot.

Whitewater turned around and looked at Ashkit. "I thought I said for you to stay in the nursery?" he said, cuffing Ashkit's ear. He smiled, then looked up at the sky. "It seems like a storm's brewing. Like I said, you should be in the nursery, especially if there is a storm. Come along, then," he said, guiding Ashkit to the nursery.

Beechpaw purred, paying no attention to the darkening sky.

Ashkit "But I want to stay with you."

Echostream woke up Barkfoot " Wake up a storm is coming."

Ashkit "I want to stay with you." he told Whitewater

"You have to stay in the nursery during a storm," Whitewater said, "Just like Jaycloud and I have to stay in the warriors' den. Try and sleep," he meowed, then turned and walked out of the nursery. "Jaycloud, I think we should go to the warriors' den since a storm's coming," he said.

Ashkit "ok" he said sadly.

Echostream "Wake up Barkfoot."

Barkfoot woke up and padded into the warriors den.

Sagepaw woke up and padded into the apprentice's den.

Echostream fallowed Barkfoot

"Wait up, Sagepaw!" Beechpaw meowed as he quickly followed her.

Ashkit poked his head out of the nursery.

Pinewhisker peered out of the elders' den, then walks over to the fresh-kill pile. "That was some storm," he said, picking up a soggy vole and carrying it to the nursery. "Knock knock," Pinewhisker said, tossing the vole inside. "Ashkit, can you give that to the queens? It's pretty big, so they should all be able to share it." He turned back to the fresh-kill pile, picked up a drenched rabbit for Serinna and him, then padded back to the elders' den.

Ashkit runs out of the nursery and jumps in pudles.

Whitewater padded out of the warriors' den, picked up some fresh-kill, and took it back to the den, muttering about it being soggy all the way. "I think we should get some hunting patrols together. Almost all the fresh-kill is spoiled," he remarked.

Echostream pads in and looks for Barkfoot.

Barkfoot sat down.

Heatherdove looked at Eaglewing. "Well?" (remember what she asked?)

Echostream looked Heatherdove and Eagewing then looked at Barkfoot and a little purr came out.

Eaglewing sat down. (No)

Barkfoot purred.

Echostream looked at her stomach then her eyes widened.

"What is it?" Barkfoot asked.

Echostream "Look at how big my stomach is its huge!"

Ashkit ran to Barkfoot "Hi"

"Hi," Barkfoot said.

Ashkit poked Barkfoot with his paw.

Barkfoot pushed the kit over gently.

Ashkit sat up "Hey no fair you biger than me."

Echostream purred and went to sleep next to Barkfoot still purring.

Ashkit runs around.

Pinewhisker dragged out some old moss from the elders' den, then sat down, panting. "Ashkit! Instead of snooping around in the apprentices' den, why don't you come and help me remove this old moss?" he meowed.

Ashkit ran out of the apprentices' den "Ok, if you tell me stories."

"Now where should I start?" Pinewhisker pondered, helping Ashkit pull the old moss out of camp and set it in the dirt place. "Aaaah, I know. It was a dark and stormy night...or rather a bright and sunny day. Why does that sound familiar? Anyways, I was just a little one, like you, still young and reckless. My parents left me at a very young age. I was left to fend for myself across the Thunderpath from WindClan's old territory. I still remember running into a patrol. Of course, I had just learned to walk, so I had no idea how to battle. Thankfully, a kind queen who was on the patrol took me across the Thunderpath back to my home. A warrior said that I was worthless and despite the queens pleading, she had to return me home. I just wonder what ever happened to her. All well, time to get back to camp," Pinewhisker said, picking up Ashkit by the scruff and taking him back to the nursery.

Ashkit "I want to hear more stories."

"Heh heh heh heh," Pinewhisker laughed. "Maybe some other time, little one. I still need Sunblaze to help me with this stiff paw." He padded off towards Sunblaze's den and disappeared inside.

Ashkit wondered what his father was doing and pads to the warriors den.

Moonstream pads in.

Sagefern bounded in and dropped a rabbit on the fresh-kill pile.

Moonstream "Hello."

"Hi," Sagefern said.

Moonstream "So have you seen Ravenheart?"

"No," Sagefern said.

Moonstream sighs "ok."

Echostream pads in and goes to the nursery.

Echostream pads out and starts washing her paws

Swiftflight was stretched out in the sunshine. He thought sunning himself would help him relax for a while, but it wasn't helping. He felt as painful inside as ever.

Moonstream glaced at Swiftflight quickly.

Ashkit pads in and looks for Barkfoot.

Moonstream looks for Ravenheart.

Swiftflight returned Moonstream's gaze, and narrowed his eyes.

Echostream looks for Barkfoot then lays down and goes to sleep.

Echostream pads to Heatherdove "Have you told Eaglewing yet?"

Eaglewing sat down.

Barkfoot padded in and layed down.

Heatherdove looked up from washing burrs out of her fur. "Told him what?"

Echostream "That your expecting kits!"

Eaglewing started lapping at his fur.

Echostream looked at Eaglewing then Barkfoot.

Heatherdove choked on her fur. "KITS?"

Echostream "How many times do I have to go through this" she said looking at Barkfoot

Eaglewing padded over to his mate,"What did you want to tell me earlier?"

Echostream pads over to Barkfoot

Heatherdove did not reply, she was frozen with shock. (She'll only be like that for a moment.)

Echostream rolls around.

Eaglewing waited for awnser.

Echostream gets up dizzy

"Kits" Heatherdove breathed.

Echostream looks at Heatherdove

"Really?" Eaglewing asked.

Echostream narrows her eyes and looks at Eaglewing then purrs

"Yes." Heatherdove said, her voice getting clearer.

Echostream goes to sleep next to Barkfoot.

Eaglewing purred,"Thats great!" he said.

Ashkit runs out of the nursery

Echostream purrs in her sleep.

Heatherdove curled up beside Eaglewing.

Echostream moves closer to Barkfoot
Moonstream pads in.

Blazefur pads in

Moonstream "Hello."

"Hi" he replied

Swiftflight lay stretched out infront of the warriors' den, his head rested sadly on his paws.

Moonstream looks at Swiftflight then turns back to Blazefur

Blazefur doesnt say anything

Moonstream paws at the ground

Blazefur watches her confused

Moonstream looks up and yawns.

Blazefur sits down

Moonstream lays down.

Swiftflight glanced up at them, his ear twitching.

Moonstream flicks tail

Blazefur draws a paw over his ear

Moonstream licks her tail

Blazefur lays down

Moonstream washes her paws

Blazefur washes himself

Ashkit runs to Blazefur "Hi"

"hi" Blazefur replies

Swiftflight turned away, his tail flicking sadly.

Blazefur finishes

Ashkit jumps on Blazefur's tail

Blazefur laughs

Ashkit laughs

Moonstream purrs

Blazefur paws at Ashkit and purrs

Ashkit paws back.

Blazefur purrs and keeps pawing

Ashkit jumps on Blazefur's paws

Swiftflight opened one eye and glanced at them. The ache he had been feeling for days pierced his heart like a thorn.

Ashkit runs to Swiftflight "Hi"

Swifitflight raised his head, and purred lightly. "Hey, Ashkit."

Ashkit jumps lightly on Swiftflight.

Blazefur watches them

Swiftflight laughed and rolled over on his back, pawing gently at Ashkit.

Ashkit jumps on Swiftflights belly

Swiftflight purred.

Ashkit purred.

Blazefur purrs

Iceberry: hello

(btw irc? main channel #wikia-catsoftheclans)

Echostream pads in yawning

Blazefur closes his eyes

Echostream dips her head to Iceberry

Darkfang, Mapleclaw and Iceberry pads in

Echostream and Ashkit pad in.

Darkfang: *flicks tail* hello

Ashkit "Hi"

Echostream flicks her tail in greeting

Blazefur opens his eyes

Iceberry yawns

Echostream trys not to yawn

Ashkit jumps on Blazefur

Blazefur laughs

Ashkit jumps on Blazefurs back

Blazefur lets him/her

( hahaha Ashkit is a tom ) Ashkit bits Blazefur's tail

Echostream sits next to Iceberry looking at Ashkit and Blazefur

Blazefur swats him gently

Ashkit narrows his eyes playfuly and jumps on Blazefur's paws

Blazefur nudges him off

Ashkit yawns

Blazefur purrs

Echostream pads over to Ashkit and brings him into the nursery then pads back out

Blazefur watches her

Echostream pads to Blazefur "Your little friend was getting sleepy"

"i saw" Blazefur replied

Echostream purrs coldly

Blazefur sits down

Echostream narrows her at Blazefur and pads to the nursery

Moonstream pads out and sits by Blazefur "Hello"

Blazefur "Hi"

Moonstream watched Echostream go then turned back to Blazefur "What did you do to get on her bad side?"

Blazefur looks at her confused "i didnt do anything"

Moonstream "You saw the way she looked at you"

"thats not my fault i didnt even do anything to her" Blazefur said

Moonstream touched his should with her tail "It's ok but she dosen't like sarcasm"

Blazefur calms down "okay"

Moonstream licks his ear

Blazefur purrs

Moonstream purrs

Blazefur keeps purring

Moonstream licks her paw

Lilykit raced out of the Elders' Den. "Serinna is dead!" She wailed. Her beautiful blue/purple eyes started to tear up.

Ashkit ran out of the nursery "What no she can't be dead are you sure!" he wailed

"She's not breathing, Not talking and her eyes are closed!" Lilykit meowed as she padded up to the older tom.

Ashkits eyes met hers his eyes were full of love, sadness and fear

Lilykit touched noses with Ashkit then curled up.

Ashkit purred then started groming Lilykit

Lilykit purred. For the first time she felt happiness fill up inside her heart.

Echostream pads in "Its time you kits get in the nursery" she said as she picked up Lilykit

Ashkit fallows Echostream

Whitewater looked up from washing himself. "What?" he asked, shocked. Quickly getting up, he ran as fast as he could into Sunblaze's den.

Ashkit pads in and looks for Lilykit purring

Blazefur pads in and sits down

Echostream pads in and turns her back to Blazefur

Ashkit runs to Blazefur "Last night was sooo cool" he said thinking of Lilykit

Blazefur nods

Ashkit sighs

Moonstream pads over to Blazefur.

Blazefur purrs

Moonstream purrs

Echostream pads past Moonstream and flicks her ear purring

Blazefur keeps purring

Moonstream smiles at Echostream and lays down so clost to Blazefur that there fur touches

Blazefur lays down too

Moonstream licks his ear

Ashkit "I miss Lilykit were is she!" he wailed

Blazefur licks her ear

Moonstream purrs "Lilykit is asleep"

Blazefur purrs

Ashkits hangs his head and sighs

Moonstream purrs

"Ashkits in love" Blazefur said playfully

Ashkit lifts his head high "Yes I am" he said thinking of Lilykit

Moonstream purrs

Blazefur purrs

Moonstream falls asleep

Echostream lays next to Moonstream

Ashkit lays at the paws of Echostream and goes to sleep

Blazefur closes his eyes and goes to sleep

Echostream purrs and starts grooming Ashkit

Blazefur sleeps

Moonstream purrs in her sleep

Blazefur wakes up

Moonstream wakes up

Echostream falls asleep

Blazefur yawns

Moonstream falls asleep again

Blazefur purrs

Ashkit purrs in his sleep

Blazefur watches Ashkit

Iceberry blinks "Blazefur you wanna go hunting?" Camp's just plain borin

"sure i guess" Blazefur says and stands up

Moonstream wakes up and waches them go sighing

Iceberry: *playfully flicks Blazefur's ear and pads off to WindClan Hunting Grounds *

Moonstream growls and narrows her eyes to Iceberry.

Blazefur walks in and lays down

Moonstream pads in thinking

Iceberry pads in not saying anything

Darkfang heads over "hey there"

Moonstream flicks her tail

Breezestorm pads in tired but has a mouse in his jaws

Moonstreams eyes lite up

Breezestorm smiles "hungry?"

Moondust padded up to Darkfang and nuzzled him.

Lilykit pads in.

Blazefur rests his head on his paws

Moonstream smiles

Breezestorm nudges the mouse to Moonstream

Iceberry prods Blazefur with her paw

Darkfang purrs and licks Moondust's ear "did you hear, Dustkit is now Dustblaze"

Blazefur looks at her and purrs

"That's great!" Moondust purred.

Iceberry nuzzles Blazefur and then looks down at her paws "im sorry that...uh..."

Darkfang mews "his mate Sundapple gave birth to his kits Redkit Lionkit and Frostkit"

Breezestorm lies down

"dont be" Blazefur said

Moonstream purrs and lays down next to Breezestorm

Ashkit purrs and lays down next to Lilykit

Lilykit purrs.

Ashkit starts grooming Lilykit

Iceberry lies down next to Blazefur

Breezestorm grooms Moonstream

Blazefur purrs and licks her ear

Moonstream wispers to Breezestorm "I love you"

Ashkit falls asleep

Breezestorm purrs and affectionately nuzzles Moonstream

Iceberry smiles and nuzzles Blazefur

Moonstream nuzzles Breezestorm purring

Breezestorm smiles

Blazefur twines his tail with hers

Moonstream licks Breezestorms ear

Iceberry purrs quietly and grooms Blazefur

Breezestorm suddenly sits up and looks around "wheres Silverstripe?"

Moonstream "Why"

Breezestorm shakes head "never mind"

Rambler pads in "nice place here..." (<.< rogue)

Blazefur grooms her

Moonstream pads back a little then looks at him sadness in her eyes

Breezestorm stands up and pads over to Moonstream and nuzzles her

Iceberry purrs (should Blazefur be iceberry's mate?)

(i guess) Blazefur purrs

Moonstream purrs

Iceberry entertwines tails with Blazefur

Breezestorm smiles

Moonstream lays down

(anywant want to continue on IRC?channel ##windclan'scamp)

Mapleclaw yawns

Moonstream "Do you want to go to the warriors den?" she asked Breezestorm yawning

Breezestorm blinks "Moonstream... i need to find Silverstripe" pads off

Moonstream eyes tear up and she runs into the warriors den

Breezestorm pads back from talkin to Silverstripe and follows Moonstream

Moonstream pads in

Ashkit pads in

Swiftflight groomed his pelt vigorously. He couldn't believe how much he had let it go, and he was glad he had noticed it before others had begun too. After a while, he sighed in satisfaction, his silver tabby fur shining in the sunshine, as sleek as always.

Ashkit jumps on Swiftflight "Have you seen Lilykit?"

Stormpaws pads in

Swiftflight purred as the kit landed with a soft thump on his side. He thought back to where he had seen Lilykit last. "Well, I'd check the nursery, that's where I saw her last." he meowed.

(Sorry I cutted Stonepaw XD I had to sorry) Lilykit ran up to Ashkit and curled up beside him. "Meh!"

Stormpaw pads in and looks for Flintwisker

Hawkfire padded in, her belly round and pawsteps slow and heavy. "Hey!"

Foxmask looked at her and sighed. "mehhhhhhhh" He meowed.

Heatherdove padded into the nursery, paw fully healed. "Echostream?"

Echostream looked up "Yes?"

Lilykit purred. She looked for Cloudstar.

Ashkit licked lilykit's ear

Lilykit nuzzles him.

Ashkit purred

"I checked with Sunblaze, and he said I should move into the nursery in a moon from now." Heatherdove sat down. "Do you think your kits will come soon?"

Echostream nods and her eyes fill with pads as she yowls

Twilightkit curls up next to Echostream and purrs softly in her sleep.

Lilykit grabs a mouse and passes it to Ashkit.

Heatherdove's soft blue eyes filled with worry. "SUNBLAZE!"

Barkfoot and Eaglewing ran in.

Heatherdove looked up at the two toms. "Echostream's kits are coming!"

Echostream yowls again

Ashkit purrs

Heatherdove rushes over and pressed into her friend's side, and gave her a comforting lick.

Echostream tryed to purr then looked at Barkfoot

Sunblaze dashes out with herbs in his jaws. "Coming!" He lays down beside Echostream and licks her ear comfortingly. "Eat these raspberry leaves and breathe nice and deep," he ordered gently.

Hawkfire's eyes widened as she watched Echostream give birth. "How many are there?" she asked.

Echostream ate the herbs and took deep breathes

Sunblaze helped her push the first kit out. He turned to his sister. "Two or three, not sure!" he mewed quickly. He turned back to Echostream. "Easy now. Hawkfire, give the first kit a good licking." He nosed to wet bundle to the flame-colored she-cat.

Hawkfire nodded and began grooming the wriggling kitten, biting the sack so it could breathe air.

Echostream smiled then yowls in pain

Heatherdove watched Echostream nervously.

Echostream waits for the next it yowling

Heatherdove lay as close as Echostream as she could without getting in the way.

Echostream purred

Hawkfire lifted her head. "The first kit is a tom!" she cried. She set the little tom by his mother's belly.

Sunblaze purred, eyes bright. "Next one is coming."

Echostream purred the yowled in pain

Echostream trys to look at the next kit

Sunblaze nipped the sack of the newer kit and set her by her mother's belly with the tom. "This one's a female. Echostream, well done. You have successfully given birth to a she-kit and a tom," he purred.

Hawkfire's eyes gleamed with pride and affection for her friend. She padded over to Echostream and licked her ear. "Well done."

Echostream sighed and looked at her kits she poked to the she-cat ( she is a silver with brown tiped ears,tail and paws ) " her name is Moonkit."

Echostream poked the tom (He is a brown tom with silver tiped ears and tail ) "His name is going to be Brakenkit"

( Hawkfire and swiftflight do you want to rp the kits? ) Echostream licks her kits lovingly then goes to sleep

Mapleclaw purrs (can i rp brackenkit?><)

(sure :D) Echostream's tail twiches then she wakes up and then sits up

Echostream licks Brakenkits face then Moonkits

(Sure! If there's one left :) - Nightfall)

Echostream purrs as she washes her kits

(How many kits are there; and is there one who doesn't have a roleplayer yet? - Nightfall)

( I wanted three so you could have one but i only have two we could make another kit so you could rp play it , please :) - Frostyness )

(Oh you don't have to do that if you don't want too :) - Nightfall)

( i do want to :) - frostyness )

( So can we?-Frostyness )

(Alright :D Just, tell me all the kits' descriptions, names, and roleplayers; and make up a new one - Nightfall)

( ok :D, Moonkit a silver she-cat with brown tiped ears, tail and paws rp by shruggy , Brakenkit a brown tom with silver tiped ears and tail rp by braken you can pick the color and name of the kit you want to be - frostyness )

Echostream lays down so her kits could nurse

(Alright - Pheasantkit: Long furred dark ginger she-cat - Nightfall)

ok cool -)

Echostream- wakes up and licks her kits and curls around her kits and falls alseep.

Stormpaw pads in and looks for Flintwisker

Waterpaw pads in

Stormpaw pads over to Waterpaw "Hi"

Waterpaw "Hello"

Sunblaze and Hawkfire were arguing. "No, I won't move into the nursery!" Hawkfire growled at him. Sunblaze lashed his tail. "You must. You can't just give birth while hunting!" Hawkfire glared at him with fierce green eyes. "I've given birth alone before. Trust me. I'll be okay," she mewed. "Nonsense! if you MUST go hunting this morning, then I will come with you!" Sunblaze snarled. Hawkfire whipped around without another word. "I want to serve my Clan!' she spat.

Echostream laughed and runs over to them "Hawkfire, you have to stay in the nursery" she told her friend as she ran back to get her kits.

Sunblaze started cracking up. "Hawkfire, you're acting like a mouse-brain! Get in the nursery, NOW!"

Hawkfire fixed him with a glare so fierce that it made his fur bristle but she waddled over to the nursery and squeezed inside.

"Did hedgehogs begin to fly?" Sunblaze snorted.

Echostream licked Sunblazes ear then fallowed Hawkfire "Hawkfire."

Sunblaze purred as he watched his friend pad to the nursery. "Good luck!" He turned and padded back to his den.

Hawkfire looked up, eyes sad. "Yes?"

Echostream "You know you are still serving your clans by being in the nursery"

Hawkfire winced as one of the kits kicked. "Yes, I know. But I don't want to be in here like a trapped bird. I want to soar in the forest, catching prey and doing what I do best, fighting."

Echostream shoke her head "Yes, I miss fighting too." she sighed then looked at Hawkfires stomach and her eyes widened.

"They're getting a little too rough for my belly, aren't they?" Hawkfire purred, but her voice was edged with worry.

Echostream purred "They are comming soon.

The ginger tabby she-cat sighed. "Yes, yes they are. But Mapleclaw never comes to see me!" Her voice rose to a wail.

Echostream looked at her kits then said "Barkfoot never comes to see meI wouner if he evan loves me anymore?" she cryed

(Frostyness? Where did you get that Barkfoot doesn't love Echostream? I think it's just because if Moonpelt has to go, you keep roleplaying and make Echostream look for Barkfoot - Nightfall)

(?????) Echostream licks her kits and stands up

(I'm always on the IRC never really on the site... - Moon)

Barkfoot sat down.

Echostream sighs and looks at Barkfoot her eyes full of love.

Barkfoot purrs to the kits and to his mate.

Echostream purrs

Pheasantkit squirmed against her mother's warm belly. It was time. Slowly, she stretched open her eyes, and glanced around at the big nursery.

Echostream gasped and lick the kits face

Pheasantkit turned around to face her mother for the first time. Wow, she thought. That's my mom!

Echostream gasped again as she looked at her kits eyes (What color are they )

(Well, at the moment, they're milky blue-gray. All kits's eyes are that color for a few months. But when the full color comes in, they'll be green like Echostream's :) - Nightfall)

Stormpaw pads in

Sunpaw sat in the corner of camp, looking around, bored.

Swiftwind was doing battle moves by herself on the other side of camp.

Waterpaw pads in

Brackenpaw sighed.

Stormpaw looks for Flintwisker then paded over to Brackenpaw "Hello"she said warmly

Moonstream pads in

Heatherdove was laying outside of the nursery, her belly also becoming quite round. She had reluctantly agreed to move into the nursery, and was expecting kits in just two moons.

Echostream falls asleep then waks up and licks Moonkit then all her kit

Echostream "Hawkfire."

Blazefur pads in

Echostream brings her kits closer to her.

Ashkit runs to Blazefur

Blazefur purrs

Ashkit purrd

Blazefur sits down

Ashkit crouchs and stalks Blazefur's tail

Echostream "Ashkit you better not bit his tail!" she yowled

Blazefur moves his tail around

Ashkit growls at Echostream

Blazefur watches

Echostream growls

Blazefur watches

Ashkit turns his back to Echostream.

Hawkfire woke up and looked at Echostream. "Yeah?" Her warm green gaze flicked to Ashkit. "Oh, hello there Ashkit!" she purred.

Sunpaw padded into camp, a tiny mouse in her jaws.

Swiftwind sulked in after her, glaring at Oakclaw, who was sitting on the side of the camp.

Iceberry pads in and over to Blazefur

ooc: kits remember- frosyness

Blazefur purrs

Iceberry pads over to Echostream and smiles at her kits

Echostream purrs

Blazefur watches from a distance

Echostream narrows her Blazefur

Blazefur growls and walks off

Echostream growls

Blazefur sits down

Echostream "Iceberry can you watch my kits I need to do something." she said as paded over to Blazefur

Iceberry nods and sits by the kits slightly worried for Blazefur

Blazefur keeps sitting

Echostream sits infrount of Blazefur "Whats your problem"

"whats your problem you started this" Blazefur replied angered

"Whats my problem your the one who is always being sarcastec with no respect for queens" she growled

"im not sasrcastic and i have respect for people who dont get angry at me for no reason" Blazefur growled almost screaming

"Yes you are sarcasrtic and your not showing me respect right now" she growled

"when have i been sarcastic and i dont have to respect people that have never shown respect to me" Blazefur replied

"SHUT UP!" Hawkfire yelled. "I'm trying to get a nice nap, but now I guess that won't happen! Now leave me alone, since you've ruined my nap," she growled grumpily.

Echostream eyes started turning black

Blazefur walks off

Hawkfire struggled to her paws with a gasp of pain. "Owch!" she yowled.

Echostream's eyes turn fully black

Whimpering from the pain, the ginger tabby she-cat dashed out of camp and into the forest.

Echostream eyes turn green again and she runs after Hawkfire

Hawkfire raced through the forest, her bulging belly making it hard to get past the brambles. She squeezed through at last and plopped down on a clump of ferns, groaning.

Echostream "The kits I will get Sunblaze" she said as she raced back to camp

Echostream "Sunblaze!" she yowled

Mapleclaw: *runs after Hawkfire* HAWKFIRE?!

Iceberry stands up and looks at Blazefur

Echostream "Hawkfire..kit...on the...moor"she painted

But Sunblaze was already racing into the forest, a bundle of herbs in his mouth. He whisked over to where Hawkfire was laying motionless in the ferns. "Hawkfire, you can do it!" he encouraged.

Hawkfire looked up at him, a smug smile on her face. "I already have." She stood up to reveal three small kittens mewling underneath her.

Echostream faints

(LOL XD) Hawkfire sat down again with a sigh as Sunblaze stared at her, mouth open in shock. "There are two toms and a she-kit." (I'm roleplaying one of the toms)

(After whoever roleplays mapleclaw picks, can I roleplay one?) Heatherdove's mew rang from the direction of camp. (Uh-oh, it's half a moon too early. *sneaky* )

(can i rp please - Frostyness if no thats ok )

(Okay, let Mapleclaw pick either the she-kit or the tom. Sorry Frostyness, Heatherdove asked first. Then she will take the last one HAWKFIRE98 18:05, July 27, 2010 (UTC))

( kk) Echostream lays on the floor motionless

(Here's what I decided:

My roleplay: A orange tabby tom with amber eyes. His name will be Locustkit)

The other tom: A brown tabby tom with green eyes.

The she-kit: A silver tabby she-cat with dark green eyes. HAWKFIRE98 18:08, July 27, 2010 (UTC))

(Anyone see what heppened to Heatherdove?)


(ill rp teh other tom)-bracken-

(Okay, the two toms are taken. Heatherdove: You may take Mallowkit, the she-kit. She's a silver tabby she-kit with dark green eyes. HAWKFIRE98 18:11, July 27, 2010 (UTC))

(Quote: Heatherdove's mew rang from the direction of camp. (Uh-oh, it's half a moon too early. *sneaky* )

( soo Heatherdoves having her kits if she is can i rp one? )

Hawkfire and Sunblaze carried the three kits back to camp. They padded into the nursery, where Hawkfire sat down in her mossy nest. Sunblaze set the kits at her belly to nurse. He gave her some borage before padding back to his den.

(Did ANYONE hear what happened to Heatherdove?! She needs Sunblaze RIGHT AWAY!)

Echostream jumps up "Heatherdove is haveing her kits!" she yowled

Echostream runs to Heatherdove "It will be ok" she said

(Not right after Hawkfire has her kits...:/)

( she had kits in her stomach before Hawkfire did)

(Urgh) Hawkfire licked each of her kits until they were clean. She looked up to see Heatherdove yowling. "You can do it!' she encouraged.

Echostream grabbed her kits and brought them to Hawkfire then ran back to Heatherdove and waited for the first kit.

( umm Swiftpelt )

(btw, name the other kit Branchkit)?

Brackenpaw nodded. "Hello."

(Hawkfire had kits? Are all of them taken?)

(kk Branchkit. Yes, I had kits and all of them are taken.) Hawkfire curled her tail around Echostream's kits and drew them to her belly to nurse as well. Locustkit mewled at Hawkfire, showing a little pink mouth and sharp white teeth. He mewled again. "'ll make them nervous," Hawkfire whispered. He wailed and she nipped his scruff, making him quiet.

Echostream paded over to them "Thank you Hawkfire." she said as she layed down and got her its so they could have her milk.

( Hey Hawky can you rp Brakenkit?)

(Sure!) Hawkfire nodded to Echostream. "Heatherdove, how are you doing?" she called.

( its time for Brakenkit open his eyes he is the last one who needs to and can Brakenkit be like squirmish ?)

(Can I change his description? And also, sure) Brackenkit squirmed and curled up by Hawkfire's warm belly, purring. Locustkit, Mallowkit, Branchkit, Pheasantkit, and Moonkit continued suckling.

( sure ) Echostream took this chance to cach up on sleep

Echostream wakes up and takes Brakenkit from Hawkfire then the rest of her kits

(Oh...OK...) Brackenpaw watched them.

Echostream smiled at him the layed down

The orange-and-white tabby she-cat was snoozing, head rested on her paws. Locustkit, Mallowkit, and Branchkit were curled up by her belly, snoozing as well.

Echostream falls asleep but her ears were pricked up

Heatherdove was still wailing. "No! I'm not ok! I've been kitting since Sunrise!"

Echostream jumped up and gave her kits back to Hawkfire so she could help Heatherdove "Heatherdove you can do it just push" she said

( XD lol )

"I'm trying!" Heatherdove wailed. Something was ver wrong.

"You might not be ready, but maybe if i push on you stomach it will help" she said

"No!" Heatherdove pushed her away.

"You might not be ready" she said worried

Echostream put her paw on Heatherdoves stomach the kit were ready now "You started to early try pushing now."

Heatherdove pushed and suddenly started bleeding.

Echostream watched as the kit started to come out when It came out she nipped the sack and started licking the kit


Heatherdove had succesfully given birth to four kits, but was laying motionless next to them. She was still breathing, but also still bleeding.

Echostream runs to the medicen den and grabed cob web and put it on Heatherdove the bleeding stopped

( can I rp a kit please :] - frostyness 0

(Yup. But me and Moon get forst choice.) The bleeding didn't stop. "Get... Sunblaze..."

( ok) Echostream ran to get Sunblaze ( I dont think hawkfire is on anymore can Echostream make it stop )

Sunblaze dashed out, cobwebs clutched in his jaws. He sat down beside Heatherdove and put it on Heatherdove until the bleeding eased. "You're alright, keep breathing nice and strong," he whispered.

Hawkfire woke to the racket and curled her body tighter around the shivering kits. "It's okay, Heatherdove will be okay," she said softly.

Echostream turned to Sunblaze "Do you think I would make a good medicine cat?" she asked staying calm

"My kits.." Heatherdove meowed, clearly unware they were alive. "Where did you bury them?" (I just now realized how alike this is to Forest of secrets.)

Echostream "What are you talking about there alive and right next to you" ( yah it is but you are still alive :D )

Hawkfire padded over. The kits .were fast asleep. "Heatherdove, they're alive." Her voice was choked with grief.

Sunblaze flashed Echostream a look that said 'Not right now.' He continued holding the cobwebs down. "They're alive and well, Heatherdove," he whispered.

Echostream started licking Heatherdove's ears

Heatherdove craned her neck to try and look at the kits. "They're alive?! But they were born in blood!" (Hmm.... Sounds kinda prophetical. I feel a creative surge coming on! Hawkey, Frosty, you two can pick kits after me and Moonpelt. )

(Ya(WOOO!) Hawkfire curled up next to her friend. "Don't die, Heatherdove. Please. We need you here," she whispered.

Sunblaze's gaze grew dark. "Yes, but they are alive. You're nursing them right now," he mewed softly.

Echostream (yay) "Dont die if you go me and Hawkfire will have no one to stop us from fighting and your my best friend you to Hawkfire"

Echostream curls tightly around her kits

Heatherdove's eyes grew soft as the kits wriggled close to her belly. (There is a tom with big blue eyes and a soft gray pelt. I'm choosing that one. :3) "I'll call that one Thrushkit." (And a Ginger tom with a black muzzle, chest, paws, and underbelly. Amber eyes.) "And that one is Lunarkit." (Also a fluffy white shecat with bright green eyes and a very bright pink nose.) "This one Berrykit..." (Finally, a milky cream she-cat with striking amber eyes and a gray spot on her forehead.) "And the last one will be Dawnkit." (Remember, Moonpelt gets to choose before you two.)

( ok -frostyness ) Echostream purrs

( your not going to rp one)

(I already said I'll roleplay Thrushkit.) Thrushkit opens his eyes for the first time.

(O oops XD i wounder when moony is going to pick )

( wimpers -frostyness )

Heatherdove suddenly flashed awake. "Four born in blood!"

Echostream "Yes you have for kits who were born in blood "

( can we pick now please )

(Sorry, but you have to wait for Moon.) Heatherdove shook her head. "No. The prophecy!"

( aww ok ) Echostream eyes widened "There is a prophecy!"

"Yes.." Heatherdove murmured, looking at the kits in the curve of her stomach.

"Whats the prophecy." she said

Echostream suddenly got scared and brought her kits closer to her

(I want Berrykit, please! :D) Hawkfire licked Heatherdove's ears. Sunblaze had stayed with her all night. "You'll be okay, Heatherdove. Let me know if the bleeding starts again," Sunblaze mewed. He trotted out of the den. Hawkfire curled her tail around Branchkit, Locustkit, and Mallowkit and brought them closer. "We all had kits almost at the same time," Hawkfire whispered. Her eyes had a distant look in them.

( I want Lunarkit please:) Echostream purred and jumps in the air.

Berrykit's and Locustkit's eyes stretched wide open for the first time, at the same time. Berrykit's were bright green while Locustkit's were amber. They nuzzled their mother's for milk, along with their siblings. Hawkfire stared at them in shock. "They opened their eyes at the same time..." she murmured. (Creative feeling! XD)

( so does thins mean I can have Lunarkit?) Echostream gasped

(Ummm... Guys... The rules clearly state that the rolplayers of the mother and father get first pick. That means that if Moon wants Lunarkit or Berrykit, he pretty much gets it. :/ I'm really sorry, but rules are rules. I'll tell Moon that you too already have your heart set on those two kits, but it's his choice.) Thrushkit flung himself onto Berrykit. "Look at meeeee!"

(I thought they already picked....grrrr...) Berrykit mewled and shoved him away. She curled up next to Heatherdove with eyes wide. Locustkit let out a playful growl and leaped on Thrushkit. "Die, you evil rogue!" he squealed. He batted at his ears with tiny sheathed paws.

Lilykit rolled her eyes.

Ashkit purred

( Can I rp Lunarkit but if Moony wants him i will give rp the last kit ) Echostream purrs.

Thrushkit's eyes flashed and Locustkit was frozen in time. Hollow with shock, he ran next to Heatherdove and curled up next to Berrykit, shuddering.

( so can i - frostyness

(Yes. Moon said he doesn't want any. You guys can keep your kits.)

( yay!) Lunarkit opened his eyes and looked around.

Still shaking, Thrushkit's eyes flashed once more, and Locustkit was returned to normal.

(Can Lunarkit be the best fighter?) Lunarkit jumped on Heatherdove "What color are my eyes?" he asked

(Sure) Heatherdove looked into his eyes. "A beautiful amber."

" Yay"He said as he jumps on Thrushkit and pins him to the ground with one paw "Look what I can do mommy."

Heatherdove purred and watched Thrushkit nip his brothers tail.

Lunarkit jumped up "Mommy Thrushkit nipped my tail!"

Thrushkit gave him a nudge. "You held me down!"

Lunarkct "And I will do it again any day!" he said as he pinned Thrushkit down again

Dawnkit watched.

Lunarkit jumped off of Thrushkit and went to Dawnkit "hi"

"Hey." She mewed.

Lunarkit "Do you want to play fight" he said eyes narrowed

Berrykit and Locustkit stared at each other for the first time. "You're beautiful!" Locustkit squeaked. Berrykit flinched shyly away and joined the play-fight. She leaped at Lunarkit and grabbed his shoulders with her claws and nipped his ear.

Lunarkit through her off and pinned her down. (Lunarkit is the best fighter )

(I know, but that doesn't mean Berrykit can't be a good fighter too) Berrykit kicked up with her hind legs, and sent Lunarkit flying across the nursery. She giggled.

(Yah so Berrykit and Lunarkit are the best fighters :D ) Lunarkit "Yay someone I can really fight" he said and he jumped on Berrykits back

(Yay! :D) Berrykit twisted her muzzle around to nip his shoulder.

(But there powers have to be a little differnt like Lunarkit can never be betten in battle ) Lunarkit nips Berrykit ear

(Berrykit doesn't have a power. She is just born a good fighter . I already have her future have planned out for her! :)) Locustkit climbed the wall of the nursery and found a hole. He squeezed through it. Hawkfire was fast asleep

(Can Lunarkit and Berrykit be really close?) Echostream runs out of the nursery and gets Locuskit

Trushkit was outside, watching tiny flurries of white snow fall onto the waving grass. As a flake fluttered onto his nose, he sneezed, and shook himself. Heatherdove was watching the little kit thoughtfully. "What if he gets too cold? Will he catch a chill? What if a starving fox attacks camp?"

Lunarkit runs through the snow.

Thrushkit was playing with his powers, freezing and unfreezing the snow.

(Should Lunarkit have a differnt power?) Lunarkit started shivering and he stopped runing.

Lunarkit shivered at ran to Heatherdove

(It's Green-Leaf guys, not Leaf-Bare :) - Nightfall)

(Oh darnit. How were we supposed to know? It doesn't say that anywhere!) Heatherdove bent down to groom her kit.

Lunarkit warmed up "Ok you can stop licking me now"

Echostream pads in with scars on her chest and face

Heatherdove gasped. "Echostream! What happened?!"

Thrushkit tumbled over to Lunarkit. "Can you do anything special?"

Echostream "We fought Striker" she gasped (on IRC)

(can you help me make up a power for lunarkit ) Lunarkit "I'm not sure"

(umm.... Being able to make things float and stuff with psychic powers?) Heatherdove flicked her tail. "Come and rest. Me and Hawkfire can keep an eye on your kits."

Echostream "Ok."

( yah thats cool thanks but how can he use his power ) Lunarkit thinks

Mallowkit, who was next to Hawkfire, opened her eyes for the first time. "I can't see!! Why can't I see?!"

Thrushkit walked away from his brother to see what was wrong with the little kit.

Striker's dead body was in the camp. Eagleglide washing blood off her paws. "Strongest warrior in the clan. I like being that." She thought.

Echostream narrowed her eyes at Strikers dead body

Lunarkit looked at a leaf then lifted his tail and the leaf lifted to

Swiftflight padded over to Eagleglide. "Hey, you alright? You're a pretty good fighter, you know," he purred.

Thrushkit disappeared into a hidden tunnel.

Mallowkit was curled up next to Hawkfire. "Why can't I see?"

Lunarkit ran to Heatherdove "Look what i can do." he said as he lifted the leaf again

Eagleglide purred. "I'm fine. No cuts. He was easy to kill, after everyone beating him up." She purred.

Dreampaw padded in. She looked around.

Blazefur pads in

Branchkit pounces on Blazefur.

Leopardkit padded in.

(Oh, PLEASE don't make Mallowkit blind. You can if you want, but can't we do something exciting for once? If the kit is born with a defect, make it something that hasn't happened in the official Warriors books, please) HAWKFIRE98 00:30, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

(Oh, come on. A real cat can be blind. And barely any cat on this wiki is blind, anyways.) §₩1ƒ₮¥BLAAAHH, Elder dance! 00:46, August 4, 2010 (UTC))

(pineshadow and leopardkit o3o)

Iceberry yawned

Leopardkit blinked.

(Moon: Lilykit never clawed her eyes. That is false info.)

Lilykit padded in.

Hawkfire was sitting outside of the nursery, looking very thin with all of her ribs showing. Her gaunt eyes were full of misery.

Locustkit pounced on her tail but she quickly pulled it away.

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