Beechpaw followed Sagepaw inside and curled up next to her, purring happily.

Sagepaw purred.

Beechpaw opened his eyes and looked at Sagepaw. "Sagepaw?" he asked sleepily. "I know we're just apprentice's, but...ummm...I'm really nervous," he said, scuffling his paws in the moss. Come on Beechpaw, stop being a scardy-mouse and just say it, he thought. Taking a deep breath, he looked at Sagepaw. "I love you," he said.

Sagepaw looked at Beechpaw,"I love you too," she said.

Beechpaw purred, then began to nuzzle her.

Sagepaw purred and layed her muzzle in his fur.

Beechpaw smiled, purred again, then fell asleep, still purring.

Sagepaw stroked his fur with her tail.

Beechpaw smiled in his sleep, continuing to purr.

Sagepaw thought, I'm so lucky.

Beechpaw woke up, smiling and purring happily.

Sagepaw woke up and put her muzzle in Beechpaw's fur.

Beechpaw purred and began to groom Sagepaw.

Ashkit pads in quietly trying to not be seen.

Waking up, Beechpaw began to lick Sagepaw awake. "Sagepaw? I think it's time we go do our assesments. That way, we'll become warriors sooner and maybe..." He paused, thinking of the right words, then began again. "And maybe we could become, well, mates then...if you want," he asked.

Sagepaw purred. (Before she became a warrior, CW she became one when you weren't on)

Beechpaw smiled happily. (Oh ok)

"I'd love to be mates," Sagepaw smiled.

"Really?" he asked. He purred, resting his head in Sagepaw's fur.

"Of course," Sagepaw put her muzzle in his long fur and she purred.

Waterpaw pads in and looks at them then pads out

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