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If you would like to join please leave a message Welcome to WindClan! We have restarted the Wiki, so if you want your cat back in, message Bird or Fox to add your cats back in. I mean look at the news date! APRIL!! So, if you would like your cat back, contact the admins. If you have a leader/med. cat/deputy, I'm sorry, but we're not replacing the new highranks for your will ^^; --SHE KNOWS WHEN YOU'RE SLEEPINGSHE KNOWS WHEN YOU'RE AWAKE. HER NAME IS FOX, SO GET READY TO BE RAPED. 23:50, December 24, 2011 (UTC)

WindClan are a Clan of lithe cats who live on the moors. Their main prey is rabbits. They are good at chasing prey over the moor.

Strengths: Extremely fast runners, thin and lithe.

Weaknesses: Can't fight and hunt in undergrowth.



Leader: Foxstar - orange tom. Roleplayed by Fox

Deputy: Greengrass- strangely colored she-cat. Roleplayed by Leopardstar733329

Medicine Cat: Wingshadow - graceful dark tabby she-cat with brilliant blue eyes. Roleplayed by Hawk.


Nightshadow - black she-cat with a white chest, one white ear, and one white paw. Roleplayed by Lucas

Dappleheart - beautiful, long legged she-cat with multi-colored specks covering her fur, with dark emerald eyes. Roleplayed by Moon

Sunflame- Golden tabby tom. Roleplayed by Hollyleaf




Bramblekit - light brown tom with a ginger paw. Roleplayed by HollyleafofThunderClan.


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WindClan Nursery

WindClan Warrior's Den

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