Warriors are the main part of a Clan. They hunt and fight for the Clan.

Duties and TasksEdit

As a warrior of the Clan, a cat must be an apprentice first. Then, after the leader is impressed with skills and gives an assessment, it may be a warrior, named with a new name, (such as Brambleclaw, Lionblaze, Dovewing), and must sit vigil.
Sometimes, they are not given an assessment. They could have fought good in battle, saved a life of a Clanmate, helped drive away enemy, ect. This then impresses the leader and they give a warrior ceremony.
Warriors usually guard, hunt, and fight for the Clan. If it is invaded, a senior warrior can pick out cats to go to a battle patrol. It is likely for more warriors to be picked than apprentices.
Part of the daily activites, warriors ususally hunt for the Clan, sent in hunting patrols or they can go by themselves.


As a mentor of a Clan, Warriors have their own apprentices which they train to fight, hunt, or heal in the ways of the Clan. They teach the apprentice territory, The Warrior Code, and hunting and fighting. (Such as Lionblaze mentor to Dovewing, Cinderheart mentor to Ivypool, Firestar mentor to Cinderpelt)
But however, an apprentice has two choices for apprenticeship. One, as a warrior, and two, as a medicine cat. An apprentice is forced to become a warrior if the medicine spot is already taken. (Such as Spottedpaw with Goosefeather and Featherwhisker)
But if there is no cat in the medicine cat apprentice spot, a cat may become it. (Such as Cinderpelt with Leafpool, or Goosefeather with Featherwhisker, or Featherwhisker with Spottedleaf)

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