Up here is the second floor of the barn. Cats hide up here when they sense danger. Nellie her mate Flare and there kits Crackle and Lula live up here. Glossy, Flare's adopted daughter lives up here as well. Ayako has also made her nest up here too. Edit


Lula: Meow?

Raven climbed up then yawned.

Lula: "Hi Raven!"*Runs up to him and purrs*

Raven nodded his greetings. "How are you, Lula?"

"Good!" She meowed as her voice softed "How are you Raven?" Her tail twitching(Ice im at my friends house so i won't be on for long!)

Flare: *growls at Raven and raises tail threateningly* What do YOU want?

Glossy: I may have lost my memory, but I can still fight for you, Father.

Nellie:"Come here little one."

Crackle: *curls up tighter against Nellie's belly*

Glossy: Me?

Flare: Yes, my dear go talk to Nellie. *glares at Raven again*

Forest: *lashes tail* If you lay one claw on any of them.... *glares fiercly*

Raven hissed. "This is my barn you know,"

Moon: Raven! I have been looking all over the place for you!

Forest: *follows Moon up the ladder* Well, you're welcome to take him. He claims this is his barn, and I'm afraid he wants to fight for it *narrows eyes at Raven*

Ayako: *Climbs up and yawns* "Im tired!" She said

Reiko: Hello? My name is Reiko and I need some shelter!

Forest: Well, that's really not up to me. Flare?

Moon: Raven? Should he stay?

Lula: Mommy? Im scared!

Nellie: Its all ok.

Forest: *licks the top of Lula's head* Your mother's right, everything's fine.

Reiko: I was dumped by some evil TwoLegs. (I'm a she!)

Ayako: *Stares at the new cat* "We are stuffed. I dont think we can take on another cat, we need all the food we can get! I think there is another barn a little bit down the road, and there are only I think,2 cats living there."

Reiko: Thank you, to The Barn!

Reiko: Please could you give me some, just for a little while. I forgot to tell you...MY KITS ARE COMING!

(Please wait untill Ice is on. She made this place. And Reiko is a boy name. We don't need more cats here)

Reiko: You know, I'll just have my kits outside and then take them to that other barn. And, I could also find another place to stay. There was a cave in my memories...I know where it is. I'll go there. I'm sorry about that. I'm just going to go to that cave...

(People, please don't kick Raven or Sun out, they found the barn and lived here before any one of you)
Raven: -hisses- You have NO right to kick me out!

(I thought they left, I'm not trying to kick them out at all)

Forest: I'm not trying to kick you out. But you chose to leave...

(they left, then came back.,)

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