Here is where Leaders, and warriors, from all clans can share news. People can also post messages with there cat(s) and there description, instead of adding themselves to the clans, or asking a user. (Please put 4 ~ after your message about joining) --Fire

ThunderClan NewsEdit

Echowave, a ThunderClan warrior, was sadly killed in a fox fight. Firepelt swiftly killed the fox, as well as its badger companion.

Featherwind, a ThunderClan warrior, has moved into the nursery, and is expecting her kits in about a moon.

Burnpelt , and Copperpaw , are STILL missing. ThunderClan still misses them dearly, hoping to see them back home, SOON.

Lightfire Will be having another litter!

Featherwind had a litter of 4 kits! -Clap clap clap-

Firepelt has been bitten by Viper, and has lost his voice (He WILL get it back) He also has a broken leg from a monster accident, and now hops on 2 legs because Viper had bit one of his back paws

Viper has been killed! YES!

Iceshine has become mates with Kestrelfang

ThunderClan Joining:Edit

RiverClan NewsEdit

RiverClan Joining:Edit

Shadowheart has moved into the nursery, and will have her kits soon

We have new apprentices and one new warrior! -Clap clap clap-

ShadowClan NewsEdit

ShadowClan Joining:Edit

Strikertail- Black tom with piercing eyes and a pointed tail. Teammcb. ADDED


WindClan Joining:Edit

SkyClan NewsEdit

SkyClan JoiningEdit

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