The Twoleg Home is a Twoleg Nest. About five Twolegs shelter here with their dog, Charlie. And the Twolegs have taken Icestorm.

Chat Edit

Icestorm- *hisses* I don't want to be here!

Angel: *pads up to Icestorm* Who are you? *narrows eyes wearily*

Twoleg- *pushes a bowl of white stuff near Icestorm*

Icestorm-Yuck, no thanks no kittypet food for me. I like prey.

A cat - *walks toward Icestorm* Hi, I'm Eclispe, who are you?

Icestorm - Icestorm.

Eclispe- Don't mind Angel. She's bad tempered all the time. *grooms black pelt and green eyes glitter*

Strange cat: Im Snoopy! I live here with a ton of other cats, oh and the dog ya he only likes me...

Icestorm-*wrinkles nose* So three cats live here, now four?

Snoopy: Well ya.

Charlie: Woof woof*licks Snoopy*



Icestorm- What do you want bossypaws?

Charlie: *Barks loadly*

Angel: *hisses at Charlie, and swipes her claws across his muzzle*

Charlie: *whines and runs away*

Angel: Stupid dog.

Twoleg boy: Hey! You're stupid cat scratched my dog!

Twoleg girl: She's not stupid! *strokes angel* she's a wonderful cat. Your dog should have left her alone! You've got a new cat now! Don't you know to keep dogs away from new cats? The poor thing looks angry and frightened enough already! *walks out of room, with boy following angrily*

Angel: *purrs* So, wha'ts your name? Mine's Angel. I don't live with these housefolk, though. My mistress is staying over here for a while, and has taken me here with her.

Snoopy: Her names Icestorm. Strange name...

Icestorm - I live in the wild as an elder.

Snoopy: I miss Nellie...(She lived here before)

Angel: *sighs sadly* I miss her too. (Icestorm, you're an ELDER?!)

Random cats: *A bright ginger almost flame-colored cat flashs out in the woods far away, yowling something*

Icestorm (yeah Angel) Firestar! *claws the window* Get me out please!

Firestar: *Runs towards the two-leg nest with is mouth open bathing in a familiar scent*

Icestorm-*watches pleadingly*

Angel: If you want to talk to that orange cat so bad, why don't you? *nods toward cat-flap*

Icestorm-*is home*

Angel: (What does that mean?)

Icestorm-(is at ThunderClan's Elder Den)

Angel and Eclipse: Looking out window as Icestorm runs away with Firestar.

Angel: *turns to Eclipse whiskers twitching* He was cute!

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