The Snow Tribe is a tribe that lives way up on the mountains farther than the clans. They have adapted to cold climates and are used to the icy, freezing weather up there. In human terms, their camp rests by Greenland.



Snowteller - A white tom with pale gray eyes. Roleplayed by Echo

Prey Hunters:

Night of New Snow - A dark grey she-cat with silver-blue eyes. Roleplayed by Agent WindFire

Moss that Lines Stream - A pale gray she-cat with bright green eyes. Roleplayed by Echopaw

Cave Guards:

Lunar on Dark Night(Luna) - A young lithe, silver she-cat with charming blue eyes. Roleplayed by Echo

Frost that Covers Grass (Frost) - A beautiful, broad-shoulders silver she-cat with dapples like a leopard, and bright green eyes. Roleplayed by Hawkfire98.

Rain that Freezes on Ground (Rain) - A dark gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. Roleplayed by Hawkfire98

Lightning That Strikes Tree(Lightning) - A broad, muscular, dark gray tom with handsome blue eyes. Roleplayed by Echo.

Crackle of Loud Thunder (Crackle) - A dark, hefty orange tom with bright green eyes. RPed by Moon.

Leaf From the Fallen Tree(Leaf)- A slender light brown-and-white tabby she-cat with clear amber eyes. RPed by Bracken.

Nursing Mothers:



First Light of the New Moon (First Light) - A white-furred tom with deep blue eyes. Roleplayed by Agent WIndFire



  • Frost yawned and stretched her sore muscles from battle-training. She watched over the camp, her little brother, First Light, and the prey-hunters and cave-guards that scrambled about, looking for something to do. The sun was rising and it was freezing cold, but Frost paid no attention to it. Her thick year-around winter coat protected her from the ice and sleet.

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