Where the cats hang out. xD


Stoneteller silently padded in. Splash padded over to him. "What's wrong?"

Wind padded in "Stoneteller what herbs makes your pads feel better??" she mews "I'm sorry I forgot

Silence blinked her strange eyes. "Wind, it's Horsetail. If you need some, I'll get some." Silence walked out of the camp.

"Hey! Wait up!" Wind mewed and ran after Silence

Silence flicked her tail. "Follow me."

Wind followed her then accidently stepped on Silence's tail

Silence let out a warning growl. For a she-cat, she was strangely ill-tempered.

"Sorry!" Wind mewed

(Continue at The Forest Of Light.)


Silence sits, deep in thought, staring at the entrence to the cave of the pointed stones. She shakes her head to clear it of her thoughts and starts to clean her tawney pelt.

Bored, Silence walks back into the cave-gaurds den den.

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