Herein lies Tornado and Lightning's Den. It may be named after the two young cats, but this is actually the apprentice's den for Team Sasuke. It is under a large boulder with the ground dipped under it, high enough for a full grown cat to stand up and stretch, and wide enough for several young cats. It is surrounded by a thick layer of bracken and moss hangs over the entrance. A small, grassy clearing is just outside of the den, a great place for the apprentices to battle-train or play fight. Usually an apprentice sits on top of the large boulder to watch the camp for intruders during the middle of the night. Step in carefully. You might trip on Tornado, and you'll never hear the end of it!

Den ChatEdit

Grassy Clearing ChatEdit

Twilight padded in. She layed down in a patch of sunlight.

Lilypad batted lazily at a beetle in the grass, tail flicking.

"Do you like anyone? Like... like-like? 8)" Twilight asked.

Jingle licked herself clean.

She giggled. "Tornado's pretty cute. But he's a show-off. What about you?"

"Lightning," Twilight murmured.

Lilypad snorted. "Lightning? He's a great fighter and sweet and all, but he's a fluffball!"

"Hey! He's cute! I happen to like him!" Twilight hissed.

Lilypad's eyes glittered with amusement. "Your kits are going to be all fluff, no brains!" she teased.

"I will tell Tornado you like him!" She threatened then ran off to look for him.

"Then I'll tell Lightning!" Lilypad retorted, finding the ginger tom and telling him everything.

Lightning's green eyes grew very wide. "Is that true?" "Of course it is!" Lilypad snapped.

Twilight sighed then ran off.

Tornado nearly ran into the young she-cat. "Hello there, Twilight!" he mumbled. He was carrying two large frogs and a water vole in his jaws. "I went hunting at the creek today!" he mewed proudly, showing her his catches.

"Lilypad likes you." She blurted out.

Boulder ChatEdit

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