Current: Rogue
Past: None
Gender: Male/Female
Idlekit, Snoozingkit
Mentor(s): None
Apprentice(s): None
Roleplayer: Rolelayer123

Todd is a young black-and-white tom with glowing green eyes.[1]


Todd is first seen as a young kit, exploring around in the forest. He sees a gray wolf pup named Aurora walking sadly, alone. Todd bounces out and jumps on her back and they play together. He introduces himself, and she tells him her name. They became best friends at once, despite the species difference.
When Todd's father, Chip, becomes sick with Blackcough, he sends Todd and Aurora to find Kohane and receive healing herbs from her. He and Aurora dash to Kohane's den and she gives them lemon-grass, the cure for Blackcough. Todd and Aurora hurry back but they skid to a stop, breathless. Ahead of them, a huge log fell on Chip and crushed him and his lungs. Todd and Aurora try their best to dig him out, and Aurora lifts the log. Chip tells Todd that he loves him and begins to hack violently, coughing up splashes of blood onto the ground. Todd looks away and sobs bitterly, for he cannot bear to watch his father die like this. Once Chip let go of his life, Todd and Aurora grieve badly, and they bury Chip next to the creek. Todd hugs Aurora and sobs into her shaggy fur.
After a few days of grief, Todd is almost back to normal. He decides he wants to live with Aurora, but she tells him that she has no home. Todd insists that they travel the world together, as best friends.
Todd asks Aurora to teach him how to hunt, and she does. But while that, a huge white wolf bursts in, hunting down Troutstream and pinning the RiverClan tom down. The friends are horrified and Aurora leaps into the battle, trying to free Troustream. But the wolf digs its teeth deep into Troutstream's throat and kills him, and fights Aurora and Nyoka. Todd, furious, joins into the battle and scratches the wolf's eyes. Blinded, the wolf fights hard until a RiverClan battle party shows up and kills him. The party consisted of Rubystar, Glossy, Dawnfire, and Solarwind. Dawnheart is also badly injured but Nyoka takes her back to WindClan camp to be treated. Aurora saves Todd from the other wolf but he gets thrown against a tree, and cracks two of his ribs, and badly bruises his chest. Aurora takes him to see Kohane and gets treated.




Chip:[2] Deceased, Residence Unknown

References and CitationsEdit

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