Tigerkit was born into ShadowClan, to Fireshadow and Tigerfur (Both dead, see family tree) and began to train as a Medicine Cat. She then met Goldenpaw as a Apprentice. Tigerpaw left her duties of being a Medicine cat so she could be with Goldenpaw.

Tigerpaw moved to ThunderClan and then Goldenpaw died, known then as Goldenfire. Tigerpaw mourned his death for a long time, and finnaly became a Warrior. She later saw her mother die at the paws of the ThunderClan leader.

Tigerfrost left ThunderClan and became a Loner for almost eight moons. Then she found out she was going to have a Loner, Frost's kits. She was partly happy, but when she had the kits, they were all diffrent then she expected.

When she had her kits, Tigerfrost named them Sky, Shadow, and Poppy. Poppy was a white she-cat with amber eyes, like her father. Sky was a smokey gray she-cat with sky-blue eyes and white specks, like her father's mother. And Shadow was brown with black streaks down his back, and amber eyes.

Tigerfrost came to WindClan a while later, tired, hungry, and half-dead. She died before she could say anything. Her kits grew up and became Skypaw, Shadowpaw, and Poppypaw. They are at the moment training to become Warriors.

TRVIA: Tigerfrost is a black she-cat with green eyes, and Frost was a white tom with amber eyes. Frost's mother was a smokey gray she-cat with sky-blue eyes and white specks, but who does Shadowpaw get his looks from?

Tigerfrost was not much trained as a Medicine cat, so she should have been able to heal herself.

Frost loved Tigerfrost (Tiger as a loner), but he has another unknown she-cat as a mate.


(Dead) Tigerfur Fireshadow (Dead)


(Dead) Tigerfrost-Frost-Unknown she-cat

\/ \

Skypaw, Shadowpaw, and Poppypaw Heather (Dead)

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