The ThunderClan nursery is a place for the queens to chat about kits and everything else, and a place for the kits to chat and play. Only post here if you're a ThunderClan queen or kit.

Current Nursery ResidentsEdit

Mate: Whitefire
Kits: Owlkit, Swiftkit
Mate: Splashclaw
Kits: Boulderkit, Fernkit
Mate: Brackenshadow
Kits: Rockkit, Moueskit
Mate: Unknown
Kits: Expecting

Foster Kits:


Foster Mother: Unknown


Foster Mother: Unknown


Foster Mother: Unknown


Foster Mother: Unknown


Raingaze watched Waspkit tumble into Lichenkit. They were three moons old and were very good kits, although Waspkit was extremely clumsy for a kit his age. Lichenkit was the shy one. She didn't like to talk much and kept to herself.

Songkit: dose anyone want to play?

(Hey, Leafpool? Wanna go on IRC? Go to ##cotc-thunderclan'scamp and we can roleplay there =))

Sure. I'm going on. (P.S. i'm listenning to my new favourite song, A Year Without Rain. LOVE IT!!!!:))



Channel: ##cotc-thunderclan'snursery

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