Warrior to Medicine Cat ChatEdit

Firepelt padded in "Cloudpoppy?" He called, slugs leached on his pelt "It happened again! The slug sign!"

Flameshine glanced up from where she was chewing up borage. "You did?" she ran over to Firepelt and began sniffing his pelt. She wrinckled her nose at the slime that met her touch. "What should we do?" she meowed, her eyes wide.

Firepelt shrugged "Im not really sure,"

"Not this again!" mewed Cloudpoppy indignantly. "Go to the stream and wash up now!"

Firepelt nodded, and dashed to a stream


Nightshine: Walks into medicine cats' den. "Cloudpoppy?"

Lightfire:"As you know my kits are coming soon and Poppyheart's as well, so i need some borage for 2 cats."

Nightshine: "Where are you?" She mewed.

Poppyheart pads in and looks at her old nest, which had the scent of Flamepaw, and the other nest, which had the scent of Fawndapple."I can't belive i gave all my hard work up." She says as she starts to cry.

Fawndapple: -Pads in, and lays in her nest, flicking her tail happily- "Hello Poppyheart, whats wrong?"

"Nothing. I just miss my job. But i can't go back to being a medicine cat! Already 2 apprentices, and i have my little kits." Poppyheart wails.

Fawndapple: -Blinks and curls up, closing her eyes, and says something not able to understand, falling asleep-

Cloudpoppy rolls her eyes. "Oh, Poppyheart. You will always miss something once it's gone."

Flameshine padded in. "Cloudpoppy? When should I start taking borage? I'm not really sure if I'm even ready to move into the nursery, and I was just wondering."

Cloudpoppy tilted her head. "I think you should."

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