Take the test below to catch something for your Clan. Then you can add your catch to the fresh-kill pile. It changes often, so don't get too comfortable! Remember: these questions are from the actual books by Erin Hunter!

1. Who is Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf's real parents?

2. Who was Firestar's pudgy kittypet friend?

3. Who is Firestar's sister?

4. What was Tallstar's warrior name?

5. Who helped Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf create the fake sign for Shadowclan?

6. What was Bluestar's warrior name?

7. Who was Graystripe's mentor?

8. How many clans are there, including the mythological clans, Skyclan, and Bloodclan?

9. Who was Brook where small fish swim's brother?

10. How did Feathertail die?


Here are the answers. Find out what you caught below.

1. Leafpool and Crowfeather

2. Smudge

3. Princess

4. Talltail

5. Tawnypelt's kits, Tigerpaw, Dawnpaw, and Flamepaw

6. Bluefur

7. Lionheart

8. 9 clans

9. Talon of swooping eagle (Talon)

10. Saving the Tribe from Sharptooth; Falling boulder

What Did You Catch?Edit

All Correct - 2 voles and a squirrel

-1 - 2 voles

-2 - 3 mice

-3 - 2 magpies

-4 - 1 starling

-5 and below - a mouse

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