The Rocky Den is a cave that is under a beach. The walls are made out of stone and seashells are glued onto the floor. It is home to Skyler.

Den ChatEdit

Beach ChatEdit

Ocean Shore ChatEdit

A handsome brown tom was sitting, watching as the waves lapped peacefully at the beach.

Skyler snarled softly.

The brown tom looked around, eyes wide. He revealed himself to have darker tabby stripes rippling down his body and a white chest, with frosty white paws. His eyes were a forest shade of green.


A silver she cat slipped in (the title of this page makes me feel awkward for some reason xD)

"Why?" the tom spoke in a soft voice. "It's so lovely here. The whole beach isn't to yourself, you know."

"But theis is my home."

"The beach is bigger than you think. Lots of cats like you live here." A small ginger she-cat said

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