A small cave with a tiny fresh pool, and plenty of moss for nests.


Shimmer pads back in.

Pebble-Shimmer, are we gonna have kits?

Dew looks up. "Kits?" Your having kits? Thats great!

Shimmer- *blushes and nods*


Shimmer- Pebble, could you go and tell Stoneteller I will be moving into the kit-mothers den tomorrow?

Dew- *smiles*

"That's great!" Night meowed as she padded in, casting a sidewards glance at Pebble. In a lower tone that only Shimmer could here, she added, "I might be moving in soon as well."

Shimmer- Wonderful!

Night: -nods- Yes, Roar and I are mates now. (:

Shimmer: Well, obviously. I'm so happy for you, Night!

Night: -laughs- And I'm happy for you as well.

Frost padded in, her long white tail dragging on the floor.

Glow looked up from where she had been dozing. "Rough day?" she inquired, her green eyes widening.

Frost stopped, and sat down. She wasn't sure whether she should tell her sister what she was going throught, she didn't want to make a big deal out of it.

Glow narrowed her eyes. "Okay, Frost. I know you better than that. What's up?"

Frost sighed. "Eagle and Commet are mates."

Glow's eyes sadened. "Oh, Frost." She got up, and pressed her pelt comfortingly against Frost's. "Are you okay?"

Frost shrugged. "I suppose so. It just hurt so much when I found out..." a tear began to form in her blue eyes.

Glow licked Frost's cheek. "It'll be alright. Perhaps you could move on."

Frost nodded. "Maybe in time, I will." she blinked drowsily. "I'm real tired, Glow. I'm going to go to sleep."

Glow purred.

Frost curled up in her nest, and Glow curled up beside her. Soon, they were both sound asleep.

Nest: I'm looking for a mate.*blushes*