This is where the kit-mothers and kits live.

Current Kit-MothersEdit

Night; mother of Roar's kits.

Shimmer; mother of Pebble's kits.

Current KitsEdit


"Hi, Shimmer!" Night mews as she pads in. Her belly is swolen with kits.

Roar smiled at his mate. "I'm here for the birth, I'm so proud of you," he purred as he nuzzled her ear.

(Lol, I'm just going to skip ahead and say the kits were born. It was weird enough when Icedrop had her kits, I don't think I need to do it again. --Blue)

"What shall we name them?" Night looks down at her stomach, where her kits are feeding. There is a black tom, a golden tabby she-cat, and pure white tom.

(I agree -Hawk)

Roar purred as the little golden she-cat batted at his paw. "I will name her Sunrise Behind the Cliff" (Sunrise, and I will RP as her) He looked as if he were gonna burst with pride.

Night nods, and looks at the black tom. "He can be Crow Flight at Dusk. And this one-" she meowed, pointing to the white tom, "can be Clouds on Sunny Day." She purred, and nuzzled her mate. (I'll roleplay both of them. I have to go right now, and I'll be back later. (:)

(I'm back. You still on? --Blue)

Shimmer- Oh, Night, they're beautiful!

Night purred. "I'm sure yours will be as well," she meowed. "When are they expected?"

"Soon," Shimmer eplied. (Wednesday)

Night laughed. "The kit-mother's den sure will be crowded."

Shimmer nodded. (Okay, maybe tomorrow)

Wind padded in, and curled up in the nearest nest.

"My kits! My kits are coming!" Comet yowled.

Sun came running. "It'll be okay."

Comet yowls again. (Skipping)