-sigh- I guess she decided not to come. -leaves- --Crowflight of SkyClan

Coppernose pads in and she looked around warily. "Crowflight? We shouldn't be here..." Coppernose's voice cut off as she heard a rustling in the bushes.

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Crowflight keeps his ears low as the ShadowClan leader pads out of view. He runs up to the she-cat. "I know, but... there's no she-cat in SkyClan like you. Just the other day Mistfang was mad at me because I missed a bird that practically jumped into my paws. I can't concentrate. I keep thinking about you." His eyes grew wide and sad as he looked at the she-cat.

Coppernose looked into his eyes. "We're in different Clans..."

"I know!" his voice was pleading. "But without you, I'm useless to my Clan." He looked straight into her eyes. "Without you, I'm nothing. If you left me, right now, I would retire to the elder's den. I could no longer lift a paw with the thought I let you go."

Coppernose smiled and touched muzzles with him tenderly. "I love you too." Suddenly, her fur prickled with uneasiness. "We can't let anyone know..."

Crowflight frowned. "And we couldn't meet every day... we have to find some way to be together, always. I could join ThunderClan, or you could join SkyClan..." Crowflight closed his eyes. "The only true way we could be together without any cat bothering us is for us to leave the Clans."

Coppernose (after windclan border fight) Crowflight you nearly killed my best friend! WERE OVER! *snarls and runs out*

"I was fighting with ThunderClan!" his voice was angry; only his eyes betrayed his confusion and sadness.