A revolution has broken out in the Herd due to Dovestar's hallucinations. Tigertalon leads this revolution, and Dovestar is forcing every cat to choose a side. Choose YOUR side!

The RevolutionEdit

Leader: Tigertalon - A very strong dark brown tabby tom with a reddish muzzle and paws. RPed by Nighty98.

Deputy: Darkflight - long haired black tabby tom with amazing blue eyes. RPed by Moon.

Healing Cat: Featherheart - beautiful silver she-cat with a white muzzle. RPed by Icestorm

Whitehorns: Flameleaf - A golden she-cat with flame-colored eyes and a white paw. Her tail is thin, but at the tip, it is fluffy, like a Scorpion's tail. RPed by Nightwhisker.

Hawksplash a brown tabby tom with cool blue eyes. RPed by Frostyness Rockpelt - a lithe tom with a long black pelt and green eyes. RPed by Icestorm.


Sunpaw - a dusty brown tom with sun-colored eyes. RPed by Nighty98.

Wishpaw-a blue-grey she-cat with silver eyes. RPed by Darkcloud.


Mapleheart - beautiful golden-brown she-cat with lovely amber eyes and white paws. RPed by Hawkfire98.

Mate: Tigertalon Kits: Lionkit, Tigerkit and Blizzardkit


Lionkit - is a large golden tabby tom with large, fluffy neck fur, and amber eyes. RPed by Nighty98.

Tigerkit - is a small brown tabby tom with blue eyes. RPed by Hawkfire98.

Blizzardkit - is a silver-and-white tabby she-cat with ice-blue eyes. RPed by Hawkfire98.

Mistykit-a light grey she-cat with blue tipped ears and tail with clear blue eyes.RPed by Frostyness


Undecided CatsEdit

Splashshine - is a small dark gray she-cat with amber eyes. RPed by Frostheart.

Froststorm - is a silver she-cat with a white tail tip and green eyes. RPed by Frostheart. Status: Expecting Mate: Unknown

Fogkit- a handsome grey-blue tom with greenish blueish eyes. RPed by Frostyness

Mistykit- a light grey she-cat with blue tipped ears and tail with clear blue eyes.RPed by Frostyness

New CatsEdit

Darkstorm - jet black she-cat with misty gray eyes. Role played by Firepelt

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