A revolution has broke out in the Herd! Choose your side! go Here to cast your cat's vote, and to ask to join!Edit

The Herd- is a group of cats that live in a mountainous valley. There is a small lake of water in the valley from the large lake that had originally shaped the valley, and it is deep enough for fish and swimming. They also have learned to take out the venom from rattlesnakes, so they're safe to eat. They prey on fish, voles, mice, rattlesnakes, and occasionally birds and rabbits. There are trees that shade the valley, and they use that to train the Greenhorns, or Apprentices. Whitehorns, or warriors, hunt and fight for the herd, and one of the main enimies of the Herd are Mountain Goats and Bobcats. The Healing Cat, Or medicine cat, treats sick members of The Herd, and helps them with herbs found in the mountians and in the small forest.

Note: To join, ask me on my talk page! :D --JalapeñoI look really CREEPY with these glasses on... 18:18, October 24, 2010 (UTC)


Leader: Dovestar - A beautiful white she-cat with a silver chest and muzzle, silver paws, a silver tail, and dark emerald eyes. RPed by Nightwhisker.

Deputy: Mapleheart - beautiful golden-brown she-cat with lovely amber eyes and white paws. RPed by Hawkfire98.

Healing Cat: Featherheart - beautiful silver she-cat with a white muzzle. RPed by Icestorm

Whitehorns: Flameleaf - A golden she-cat with flame-colored eyes and a white paw. Her tail is thin, but at the tip, it is fluffy, like a Scorpion's tail. RPed by Nightwhisker.

Splashshine - is a small dark gray she-cat with amber eyes. RPed by Frostheart.

Rockpelt - a lithe tom with a long black pelt and green eyes. RPed by Icestorm.

Fireblaze - a handsome, long-haired ginger tom with pale amber eyes. RPed by Hawkfire98.

Darkflight - long haired black tabby tom with amazing blue eyes. RPed by Moon.

Crookshanks - Handsome orange tabby tom with amber eyes. Roleplayed by Echo.

Tigertalon - A very strong dark brown tabby tom with a reddish muzzle and paws. RPed by Nighty98.


Sunpaw - a dusty brown tom with sun-colored eyes. RPed by Nighty98.

Wishpaw-a blue-grey she-cat with silver eyes. RPed by Darkcloud.

Queens: Froststorm - is a silver she-cat with a white tail tip and green eyes. RPed by Frostheart. Status: Expecting Mate: Unknown

Kits: Fogkit- a handsome grey-blue tom with greenish blueish eyes. RPed by Frostyness

Mistykit- a light grey she-cat with blue tipped ears and tail with clear blue eyes.RPed by Frostyness



Fogkit and Mistykit ran out of the nursery

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