The Great River is a ancient river. It is prey-rich, a very good place for resting, water, and prey. It is shared with RiverClan and ThunderClan.

Chat Edit

Icestorm - *pads in*

Echowave:*snaches fish*


Icestorm- What do you want Cloverheart? *unsheats bear-like claws*

Cloverheart: Fish-stealers!*runs back to camp*

Firestar: "What was that about?"
Sunfall - *pads in*

Echowave: I cought a puny fish.

Firestar: *Growls then sighs*

Sunwing: *growls* Over a puny fish that wouldn't even feed one warrior? RiverCLan is insane!

Firestar: "It was mostly Cloverheart, she's making a big trouble out of it, when the river is shared by ThunderClan and RiverClan."