The Dumpster is a place where the Twolegs throw out food. Huh, Twolegs must be really stupid to throw out a perfectly good meal! Be careful, though. Rogues often hang around here.


Firefang slunk in and leapt on top of the ice cold dumpster. Frost and snow laid on top of it like a blanket.

Pepper stares at Firefang then she tries to jump up into the dumpster but falls

Firefang stared at Pepper, brow furrowed.

Pepper crawls behind the Dumpster

Pepper whimpers as she looked up at Firefang

Pepper stares at him "P-Please don't eat me."she mews to Firefang


Sneer ran down the alley with Jackson, Silver, Daisy, and Jasmine.

Silver dropped on the ground, looking wide eyed at Sneer.

Jackson started panting "see we're ok" he managed to mew

Scrappy padded "Wheres my nephew and niece!"he called nicily

Silver ran to see Scrappy. "Uncle Scrappy?"

Sneer walked forward, amber eyes glowing. "Hello, Scrappy."

"Yes brave Silver and yes tough Sneer" He mewed

Silver's happiness faded. I feel like a mouse trapped in Sneer's paws! He has this whole plan and i'm the only thing blocking his way!

Sneer looked at Scrappy. "Are you joining WindClan?"

"yes" Scrappy mewed "Whats the matter Silver?" he mewed

"Nothing at all! He-he. Just bouncy little Silver!" She mewed quickly. How does Sneer know about Scrappy all of a sudden?

"want to see my friends you two?" he mewed

"Yes!" Hissed Sneer at once.

Silver gulped and nodded.

Come we're going to Windclan for a little bit" he mewed and padded into Windclan territory

Yew ran inside the dark dumpster. She liked the way the shadows moved. She layed down and lay in the cool air. About 2 hours later, she got up. She ran towards the border of WindClan.

Even Later.....Edit

Moonridge was hunting, his gaze flickering to the frog. A black shadow suddenly pounced on him. Moonridge tryed to fight back with his dog tooth claws, but he went limp. Sneertooth slowed took Moonridge's Dog Teeth and looking one last time at the cat he slain, he walked away.

Darkangel and some of her gang had been patrolling. Her eyes widened. "Sneertooth! Get over here!" She yowled. Her long claws unsheathed and she snarled. The gang cats leapt away to get reinforcements.

Sneertooth smirked and flicked his tail. Yew, Clatter, Crimson, Porcupine came out. Sneertooth ran off as they tried to defend.

Tons of gang cats ran down, battling the small amount of cats. Darkangel leapt after Sneertooth.

Sneertooth vanished. (He goes into hiding for like 2 weeks.)

The small gang of cats ran away. Crimson ran towards the gangs while Clatter, Porcupine, and Yew went back to their alley.

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