This is the barn that lies the lifes of two cats, Raven and Sun. The barn is fill with mice, so you'll never go hungry here.

Chat Edit

"Yo Icestorm!" Sun greeted her. "What are you doing here?"

Icestorm glared at him. "I got exiled for being accsussed of killing Blackmist. But I didn't, Blood did."

Raven glared at her. "Aw, well your welcome to live here."

Icestorm nodded her thanks.

Nellie: Hey Sun can we stay here, This si Forest and im Nellie.

Sun glared at the cats "Sure, but stay away from Icestorm, she has blackcough, and is weak."

Nellie: Ok.

Raven glared down at his paws. "Firestar exiled you?" he asked.

Ayako: *Stares at Icestorm with wondering eyes* "Did he say his thoughs about your exile?"

Nellie:*Looks at Raven and mumbles*"No tom will ever like me. Im just a piece of mouse-dung!"

Ayako: *Rolls her green eyes* "If you want a mate, why don't you just take Forest! Stop saying you can't get one, I can see you like him." She says as she flicks Nellie's shoulder *Turns head and licks her ginger-red flame colored fur*

Nellie:"Im still a peice of mouse-dung!"

Ayako: "Call yourself wahtever you want. I can't change your mind."

Nellie:*Her glossy long coat glows in the sunset*

Ayako: *Sits next to Nellie as her ginger-red flame colored fur is outlined in a dark red and her emerald eyes glow*

Nellie:*Gazes off*

Forest: *lays down next to Nellie, tenderly lickig her cheek* Nellie, you are not a piece of mouse-dung. *eyes become soft* you are so much more. *curls up, then falls asleep*

Nellie:"Forest your right."

Lula:"Mother? Can I go outside?"

Forest: *purrs* I can see she's the adventurous one!

Nellie:"No but you can see uncle Forest!"*Nudges her to Forest*


Forest: Hello! Nice to meet you *purrs warmly*

Lula:*Curls up next to him*

Forest: *gaze softens, and wraps tail around her*

Reiko: Can I stay here? All I need is shelter! My name is Reiko, and I was dumped by twolegs!

Raven exchanged an uneasy glance with Sun. "Go get a new Twoleg, or join a Clan," he suggested.

Reiko: Why can't you all live in peace?' Continue fighting and you will regret it for all the moons to come.*walks out as the sound echoes*.

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