Some of you may remember the ancestors of the Tribe of Rushing Water, mentioned in Long Shadows. If you want to join, then leave a message on my talk page or ask on the IRC.


Leader: Eagle's Glare - black tom with gray stripes on his back and piercing blue eyes. Roleplayed by ddevans96z

Medicine Cat: Dove's Feather - A light gray she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Icestorm123


Dawn's Breeze - tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Maplefern.

Lightning Strike - strikingly handsome large golden tom with one amber eye, and a huge scar and a missing eye running down one side of his face, due to surviving a lightning strike. Roleplayed by Nightwhisker98

Gentle Dove - slender, elegant gray she-cat with gentle blue eyes. Roleplayed by Moonpelt

Stream Splash - slender ginger she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Mousetalon.

Leaf Whisker- a black tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by Echopaw.

Fox's Reflection - a dark ginger tabby tom with green eyes. Roleplayed by Icestorm123.

Thorn's Prick: A dark tortiseshell tom with soft blue eyes. Roleplayed by Swiftpelt.

Sparrow's Feather - small tabby she-cat. Roleplayed by Maplefern.

Comet's Flight - A sparkling black she-cat with green eyes. Roleplayed by Echopaw.

Water's Edge - A small tortoiseshell and white she cat with sandy orange paws and sandy orange ear tips. Roleplayed by Nightwhisker.

Dark Thunder- Black she-cat with lightning shaped flash at her flank. Roleplayed by Bracken

Storm Fire- dark gray tom with blazing amber eyes. Roleplayed by bracken

Sun's Rays - orange almost yellow tom with pale green eyes. Roleplayed by Moonpelt.

Salmon's Tail - brown tomcat with grey eyes. Roleplayed by Clarrissa.

Dark Lion - A black she-cat with thick fur and dark blue eyes, Roleplayed by Talltail

Hidden Moon - Stunning jet black she-cat with brilliant yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Fawny


Sharp Reed- small, lightly built black she-cat with light green eyes. Roleplayed by Swiftpelt.

Cloud's Breeze: White she-cat with amber eyes. Roleplayed by Maplefern.

Rippling Lake- beautiful bluish-gray she-cat with with silver tabby markings. Roleplayed by Snowstorm

Fish Song - an orange she-cat with amber eyes. Roleplayed by Sagestorm.

Moon's Shine - silver tabby she-cat with green eyes and white spots. Roleplayed by Mossstar.

Dove Song - dark brown tabby she-cat with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Frostyness

Rising Mist - gray speckled she-cat with hazel eyes. Roleplayed by Shadeflower


Flame's Trail - ginger she-cat with cream paws, stomach, throat, and tail, and hazel eyes. Roleplayed by ddevans96z

Gray Dew - Beautiful, thick-pelted, slender gray she-cat with a pale silver muzzle, chest, and paws, white speckles on her pelt like snow, and sparkling green eyes. Roleplayed by Dovesong


Tiny Brook - small grey she-kit with blue eyes. Roleplayed by Maplefern.

Loon's Call - black she-cat flecked with white spots. Roleplayed by Maplefern.


River's Flow - dark gray tom with a black head and tail. Roleplayed by ddevans96z

Thunder's Rumble - long-haired jet-black tom with yellow eyes. Roleplayed by Hawkey.


Salmon's Tail pads in and looks around, anxiously.

FIsh Song dropped the moss that she was carrying and padded over to Salmon's Tail. "What's wrong?"


Ancients Territory

Ancients Camp

Ancients Medicine Den

Ancients Hunting Grounds

Ancients Sharpclaws' Den

Ancients Softpaws' Den

Ancients Leader's Den

Ancients Medicine Cat Den

Ancients Nursery

Ancients Elders' Den