Smallmouse had a life before joining StarClan. She is the third incarnation of Mousetalon's lives.


Smallkit, Jaykit, and Sheepkit were born to Mousefoot and Smokebreeze. Smallkit never joined in her siblings' games, and usually just watched quietly.

One day her powers began to show themselves when she frantically ran out of the nursery, squeaking of an attack. The warriors all watched her, amused, and went back to their business. But Smallkit wasn't to be underestimated. At sunhigh, the WindClan camp was attacked by a combined ThunderClan and ShadowClan patrol. The warriors scrambled to fight off the patrols, but to no avail. The warriors had gotten what they wanted- Jaykit and Sheepkit.

Moons later, Smallpaw was the medicine cat apprentice under Breezefur. Breezefur was a kind, young, strong tom, having just become the medicine cat after Quietwhisker. The two became very close. But their relationship never went beyond friendship. Smallpaw was excited to go to her first Gathering, and went with her friends Flamepaw and Applepaw. When she got there, she, to her utter horror, saw two apprentices fighting- a ShadowClan tom and a ThunderClan she-cat. As she ran to stop the fight, she realized she had imagined it. Suddenly, she heard snarling as the two cats from her vision started to argue. The surrounding cats did nothing but watch, so Smallpaw thrust herself between the two. To her surprise, there is an immediate connection. The three cats immediately separate.

Later, after Breezefur dies from greencough, Smallmouse, named for her father, takes on full duties early. At a Gathering, when she is announced, she sees the two cats whom she had separated. The ShadowClan leader, Silverstar, announces three new warriors- Oakleaf, Splashstep, and Jaybird. The name sounds familiar to Smallmouse, but she can't seem to remember. Then, the ThunderClan leader announces two warriors- Frostpool and Sheepclaw. Immediately, Smallmouse realizes that the new warriors and the apprentices she had connected with are her lost siblings. Jaybird and Sheepclaw realize it too, and the three re-connect.

Smallmouse lived a fairly normal life until she finally discovered of her powers and past lives. Now that she understood her powers, under her guidance, Viperstar led WindClan well, always knowing who would attack and when, and where the best prey was. The Clan was peaceful, and all thanks to Smallmouse.

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