Shadowy Woods is deep in the forest with shadows resting all over. It is for all Clans to share, thefore, in the middle of all territories. It is prey-rich, however, hard to catch.

Chat Edit

Icestorm-*pads in*

Firestar: *Rockets out of shadows after a HUGE squirrel*

Firestar: *Catchs it and takes a bite out of it under a bush happily waving his tail*


Moonsky: What's wrong?

Icestorm-*flattens ears* Do you have to know everything wrong with me???

Firestar: *turns toward Icestorm* "She was asking you what was wrong! Don't be so defensive all the time, Icestorm!"

Icestorm-*sighs* I'm sorry, it may still be that prophecy.

Firestar: "You better deal with it,or I will do something about it." Firestar hissed/murmered in her ear

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