Sweetcharm ran in. Tears streaming down her whiskers. "I thought he loved me! The night he asked me to be his mate... Lilypad. Oh Starry Skies!"

Breeze pads in. "What's wrong?" she asked

Sweetcharm snarled feircly. "GET OUT!"

"No." Her calm blue gaze was fixed on the frustrated she-cat.

Lilypad stood, bristling with anger, behind her. Her bushy tail lashed and her teeth were bared in a fierce snarl. "How could he even be my FATHER?"

"He said he loved me! I loved him back! Not my fault Lilypad. NOW ALL OF YOU GET OUT!" She roared.

A dark shadow came bristling behind. "Sweetcharm, I heard your call." He murmured.

Sweetcharm nodded.

Lilypad hid behind her bristling mother, eyes wide and scared. "Mommy, who's he?" she gasped.

"My brother." She murmured. She was heartbroken. She couldn't believe her mate left her. "He promised that night..."

Lilypad stretched out her muzzle to sniff suspiciously at the tom's fur. "You smell like Sweetcharm!" she mused. Then she turned to her mother. "Forget about stupid Firecracker. He betrayed you, and you shouldn't talk about him or even think about him any more!"

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