Sasuke's Den is a big tunnel, near ThunderClan territory. Inside, a mossy nest centers the den. A couple feathers are stuffed in it. This is where Sasuke sleeps. There is two dents in the den, one near the entrance, where herbs are sorted, and one near the end of the den, where colorful rocks sit. Near Sasuke's nest, is a small boulder, with a dent. Sasuke can sit there, watching activity outside his den. A small river runs beside his den. It shines golden when fall comes. It is named the Golden River. Leaves outline against the top of his den, he uses these for his nest. The den is in Team Sasuke territory. His den is next to Mossy Den, and there is a small rockfall near his den. There is a little creek near his den, where prey runs. He can squish in there and hunt for himself. There is also herbs in the creek, where he can gather. In other words, this is the leader, and leads' den.

Cats who share this: Rocket, Wolffur, and Night.


Sasuke opened his eyes from his nest. He had left Flash's Den and went to sleep here. He streched out and went to the creek, to hunt.

Golden River ChatEdit

Rockfall ChatEdit

Creek ChatEdit

Tornado was quietly stalking by the river, the tip of his bushy tail twitching. His blue eyes were focused on a large toad who hopped in front of him. He tensed and crouched down low, ready to spring. He gripped the frog in his front claws but the slimy creature wiggled out and hopped into the creek. "Mouse-dung!" Tornado cursed.

Sasuke, who was hunting in the creek, looked up at the hiss. He climbed out of the creek and looked at Tornado. "Tornado?" he asked.

Tornado looked surprised. "Well, hello Sasuke! I smelled our scent markers nearby, so I thought this place would be okay to hunt in," the young tom meowed.

"Of course it is." Sasuke replied, dipping his head.

Tornado's eyes glowed. "Thank you, Sasuke! By the way, me, Lightning, Lilypad, and Twilight established a perfect apprentice's den just outside the camp. I can take you to see it, later."

Sasuke's eyes brightened. "Of course. After the hunt?"

Tornado dipped his head to Sasuke and chased after another frog that was bouncing along the shore.

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