Roaring Sea is basically like a beach, but no Twolegs come here, StarClan knows why. It was given the name "Roaring Sea" because of its towering waves that crash on the shore. You can chat or role-play here. At sunset, the sun sets on the sea, making it look pink. It is neutral Clan territory, meaning all Clans can be here.

Rp Chat Edit

Icestorm runs on the sand and swims in the sea.

Firestar: *Pops head out of the water and goes under again*

Icestorm sits on the edge of the sea, gazing at the sunset making the water pink.

Honeymist flicked her tail in greeting. "Hey Icestorm, Firestar!"

Icestorm sighs. "Hi, Honeymist." she narrows her eyes.

Honeymist tipped her head to one side. "Why so down?"

Lizardstripe came up from behind her, yawning and stretching. "What a wonderful place for a nap!"

Icestorm sighs. "None of your business, and doesn't the sand get in your eyes?"

Lizardstripe curled her lip. "Who made you so negative?"

Firestar: "Sorry. She's been very negative latly."

Icestorm hisses at Firestar.

Firestar: *Stares at Icestorm with a long, hard, emerald gaze*

Icestorm tried to glare at him, but instead, fell.

Honeymist's dark blue eyes were filled with curiousity and wonder.

Lizardstripe's black and blue striped tail flicked to and fro and she was snickering at Icestorm.

Icestorm whimpered in pain. "I don't think I can make the journey or fight for my Clan or hunt again,"

Real Chat Edit

Icestorm waits to chat with Firestar

Firestar: *Runs onto the sand*

Ice:hey Firestar! What's up?

Firestar: "Not much."

Lizardstripe: *is woken by the sound of voices* Why hello Icestorm and Firestar!

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