Fresh Kill PileEdit

Here is where RiverClan keep there fresh kill. Go to RiverClan's Hunting Grounds to catch something for your Clan.


Current Fresh Kill-Edit

Moderate sized carp- Caught by Stormfur

Plump finch - Caught by Troutleap

Plump vole - Caught by Troutleap

Plump thrush - Caught by Troutleap

Huge fish - Caught by Troutleap

Water Vole - Caught by Rubystar

Fish - Caught by Troutleap

Fish -Caught by Skypaw

Shrew - Caught by Brookpaw

Fish - Caught by Solarwind

Minnow- Caught by Mistystar

Bass - Caught by Dappletail

Minnow - Caught by Dappletail

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