Whitethroat: "Autumnpaw lets train, I'll be waiting" (for when we are both on at the same time ^_^) *goes out*

Solarwind: *pads in* Brookpaw? I think it's time I showed you around the territory!

Moonpaw: HI!!!I was just made apprentice. My mentor is Kaito!

Kaito: "Moonpaw, im going to teach you how to collect moss."

Moonpaw:*smiles with happiness* My first apprentice duty! I'm so excited!

Moonpaw:(spiderpaw, do we tell them? They are are denmates?)

Spiderpaw: (I guess, If you want to.)

Moonpaw: We were talking each other

Leafkit pads in. "You all are lucky!

Kaito: -Pops her head in- "Moonpaw, hunting!"

Moonpaw: YAY!!! where do we go? Lets meet at camp.

Kaito: "I though we could check out hunting by the feild of reeds at the far end of the territory. Perfect for seeing your hunting skills."

Moonpaw: YAY!!!!*runs out*Bye Spiderpaw!

Kaito: -Dashes out of camp, towards the reed feild-

(how do I get to the reed field? It's not in the territory on the page)

(Katio calls it the reed feild. It really is lots and lots of reeds put together)

(how do I get to it?)

(Here, Made a page Reed Field )

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