This is a river where all cats can go fishing or just lie on the rocks. It is very beautiful, and the rocks are warmed by the sunshine. Fish and water voles are plentiful.

Chat Edit

Rogue-* drops Icestorm's body* Huh, I could hunt here if possible.

Blaze- *tosses the rogue in the river*

Icestorm's Body-*falls in with it*

Wetstar-No! My only daughter, gone.

Blaze- *hauls Icestorm's body on shore to let Wetstar mourn, dips his head, and slinks into the woods*

Lizzy- *wakes up to find herself on a flat stone, and the stone is splattered with her blood. Her fur is matted and dirty, and her flank, muzzle, ears, and hind leg are bleeding heavily. She blinks open battle-weary eyes*

Echowave: What happened! i was out hunting and herd yelping

Lizzy: *sways a little bit on her paws and shakes her head* A huge fox attacked us, killed Icestorm, and beat me up and threw me here. Where am I? And who are you?

Echowave: im Echowave of thunderclan, your near the edge of riverclan and thunderclans border. -looks at icestorm and mourns-

Lizzy: ThunderClan? *goes nautious from her head wound and faints on the soft grass* Echowave: The gray tom someone get midnightpelt!

Lizzy: *gets up, swaying* I'm fine! Don't get midnightpelt! *snaps, but blood still drips from her wounds and her limbs are shaking violently*

Icestorm-*leaps in water to hunt fish*


Icestorm-*goes deep in water*

Weed- -grabs Icestorm's foot underwater-

Echowave: Icestorm are you okay!

Cloverheart: Whats happened!


Icestorm-1. Don't you hate me? 2. I was swiming. 3. *drowns*

Hawkfire- *stares at her body in despair*

Search for BeechkitEdit

Sunblaze padded in on the WindClan side. "He must have gone over there, to bring back Dustkit." He yowled over the river. "Beechkit! Can you hear me? Come back!"

Sunblaze looked across, and thought to himself, "I have to go over there." He looked at the river.

Dreamkit padded up to Sunblaze. "I want Beechkit!" She wailed.

Sunblaze looked at the kit. "I know, but there isn't much we could do. Unless..." he looked across the river. "My sister was in RiverClan. I could swim over."

Iceheart- *continues to watch Sunblaze carefully*

Sunblaze said, "I'm going to swim across. You go back to camp, Dreamkit, the Clan needs you." He climbed down the gorge onto the shore of the river.

He leapt into the river and swam across. On the other side, he gasped for breath.

Iceheart- *Observes Sunblaze's swimming technique. Then, follows him across.*

Sunblaze regained his energy and yelled Beechkit's name.