The Mossy Den is a big rock den with tree trunks, lichens, moss and dead leaves hiding the entrance. A small creek stream filled with fresh water is next to the den. There is only one entrance to the million entrances and that is under the trunk. Inside the big den is sevreal moss beds, prey, herbs and extra moss. Andrew and Guardian first lived here but left it. Now it the home to the guards and hunters of Team Sasuke

Den ChatEdit

Firecracker padded in. Lilypad snarled at him, "It's the betrayer!" she spat. Firecracker's eyes grew soft. "Tell her the news, Sweetcharm." he meowed calmly.

Sweetcharm purred. "He is not a traitor. He is your father, nothing will change that. Flash is a selfish cat who means nothing to him." Sweetcharm meowed. Twilight smiled and leapt onto Firecracker. "DADDY'S BACK!!! OMG!"

Lou smiled and nuzzled Mallowleaf.

Mallowleaf sat down and leaned against Lou's bulky frame, enjoying his warmth. "I'm glad you're here with me," she murmured.

Firecracker purred and played with his kits. Even Lilypad joined the play-fight and she cuffed his ears playfully.

"Why wouldn't I be here with you?" Lou murmured as he intwined his tail with hers.

Twilight pounced on his tail.

"I don't want to end up like Flash," Mallowleaf replied softly.

Lilypad chased Firecracker's bushy tail, purring.

"You won't. You are a wonderful she-cat. I am lucky to have you." Lou murmured.

Flash limped in. "What you say of me is true. I was a selfish cat. Firecracker changed that. I've come to ask your forgivness. If you chose to hold a grudge, so be it. I deserve it." she meowed, her mew clear and strong. "I want my kits back."

(Firecracker isn't here. He left to go with Sasuke in Flash's Den) Lilypad snarled and lunged and her, wrapping her tiny paws around her foreleg and biting down hard. "Don't EVER come here again! You are unwanted, unloved, and you will never have Firecracker back!"

Naruto looked at Flash. "Never! You will never be forgived! We accepted it once, but now you betrayed us! No! Go or I'll drive you out!"

Boba lay crouched in the shadows, lashing his tail in anger.

Lou snarled and leapt on Boba and quickly pinned him down. He bit his neck and wouldn't let go. "IDIOTS!"

"Thanks to you, I may never see my father, Mallowleaf, Tornado, Lightning, or any other Team Sasuke member besides queens and kits again!" Lilypad wailed to Flash and Boba tearfully, tears falling down her cheeks.

Boba grabbed Starshine, Leila, and Stormy, and dashed back to The Empire


Creek ChatEdit

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