The Moonpool is a sacred place that the Clans can speak with StarClan. Medicine Cats meet here at half-moon to share with StarClan, and leaders come here to recieve their nine lives and name. Any cat that wishes to speak with StarClan may do so in the "Speak with StarClan" section.

The Next Medicine Cat Meeting Is: February 17, 2010, 6:45 PM, EST.

Note: Each medicine cat speaks with StarClan in their own subsection, below.


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Speak With StarClanEdit

Robinsong came up, and knelt down to lap the water. She was sent to sleep.

A tabby she-cat approaches.

Robinsong blinked. "Who are you?"

The tabby dipped her head. "I'm Leafpool."

Robinsong's eyes grew wide. "Leafpool? The ThunderClan medicine cat who broke the warrior code twice?" She winced.

"Well, I suppose that is how I'm taken. But I am here to explain to you what is wrong with Brookpaw."

"Really? How do you know?"

Another tabby pads up beside her. This time, a tom.

"I'm Littlecloud. I once dealt with a cat who's spine was broken when a burrow collapsed." The tom dipped his head.

"And what were the symptoms?" asked Robinsong.

"He couldn't feel or move his hindlegs."

"But that was what was wrong with Brookpaw!"


"Which herbs?"

Littlecloud whispered something in her ears. She nodded.

"Thank you," Robinsong murmed.

Robinsong woke up, then went back to camp.

Non Medicine CatEdit

Brownfoot padded up to the Moonpool's edge. "Poppyheart," he said quickly.

A spirit came down to him. "Hello father." It meowed.

Medicine Cat's SectionEdit

All Medicine Cat ChatEdit

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Cocoafoot of DarkClanEdit

  • Moaning and wailing silently* "Help" *Cookiefur whispers silently flopping down on her side showing that her kits are coming*
  • Yoda looked at her with Pip at his side, she sneered at the laboring queen and walked away. "I'll get some help," he mewed and joined his kit.

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