Herein lies information for the users who roleplay leaders:


  • If a leader never loses a life for at least three months, they will die of old age nine times, thefore, each life will be stripped away in old-aged sleep. (Revealed in a Erin Hunter Chat)
  • The leader must be at least 3 months old (real life) and never lost a life to actually loose all their lives in the sleep.
  • The leader will go to the Moonpool to recieve their name and nine lives.
  • Leaders may live as long as they can until they reach old age.
  • Users should keep track about how old their leader is by moons
  • The leader must have a deputy to take their place when they die.
  • Roleplayer decides who the deputy is when their cat recieves nine lives.
  • Roleplayer of leader waits to appoint deputy when about 2 (and the very user who roleplays the second-in command cat) for the deputy ceremony.

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