Howling Wolf
Current: The Gangs
Past: None
Gender: Male/Female
Idlekit, Snoozingkit
Mentor(s): Bright Shadow(For Wolf fighting)
His Parents
Apprentice(s): None
Roleplayer: Rolelayer123

Howling Wolf is a huge[1] jet black/gray tom with stunning smooth white splotches[2] with wide handsome blue eyes.


Wolf is a fun hyper tom. He loves to play and tease cats. He is rarely serious and just wants to have fun. He is eager to learn anything new. He sometimes acts like a wolf, due to the fact that he and his sister were raised by wolves after his parents died.


Howling Wolf, Wolf back then was born to unknown parents with his sister Sally. They're parents abandoned them at young age.
Two wolves, Rune and Kalakyu, find the two newborn kits and take them to they're Wolf Pack. There, the alphas agree to care for them. Kalakyu becomes they're foster father and a she-wolf named Flutter.
When he and his sister open they're eyes, they quickly go into training. The wolves teach them the way of the wolves. Wolf is eager to learn. For the time being, his name changes to Luke, so that the wolves didn't get confused. He enjoys his temporary name. When the mountain lions come and attack, Luke and Sally are very scared, but Flutter and Kalakyu protect them. One of the mountain lions get past Kalakyu and kill Flutter, by tearing her head off. Luke and Sally are shocked and depressed. After this, they leave.
While on they're journey down the mountain, Sally abandons him, changing her name to Sally Bones. Luke gets very upset and changes his name back to Wolf, swearing that the next time I'm called Luke is when I am reunited with Flutter and Kalakyu.
He hears about the Gangs and quickly joins Blood Gang. He befriends Bright Shadow.
Howling Wolf is a Quickclaw in the Blood Gang.
He shows some affections for Bright Shadow. He and her grow a tight bond.
When a tornado comes, he despretly calls for Flashback, howling her name. When the tornado evaporates, he finds Flashback and licks her face, yelling and purring, glad she was alive.
Later, he admits to Flashback that he was raised by wolves. Flashback is shocked by this and runs away. Wolf is heart broken, regretting what he did.
Despite the conversation he and Flashback had earlier, Flashback comes up to him and lays down beside him. She asks him to be his mate and he agrees happily.


"Of course. I promise to stay by your side, defend my life for you, because I have always loved you, and I still do."
—Howling Wolf to Flashback about being mates [[The Gangs on the IRC Forest]], on March 15th, 2011

Real Life Picture:Edit

Wolf Real




Bright Shadow[3] - Living


Sally Bones - Living

Refrences and CitationsEdit

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