Fire hill is a hill at the end of all the Clans territory. A fire rises at the top, it can't be blown out nor can it stretch. So your safe in your Clan territory. ;)

Chat Edit

Icestorm-*pads in*

Moonsky:*Pads in and gazes at fire and quickly leaves*

Icestorm-*runs blindly into fire*

Moonsky: What in the name of starclan are you doing?!

Icestorm-*closes eyes* Doing what I should have done long ago!

Moonsky: Dying!?

Icestorm-*shakes as fire floods through her* yes *chokes*

Moonsky: No! I won't let you!*dives in fire and grabs icestorm and brings her out* There!*colapses coughing practicly dying*