This is where you can find mates for each other in SkyClan.



Gray she-cat with orange eyes that sometimes seem red.

Personality: Cunning, sneaky and clever. She may appear rude to strangers, but to her friends and Clan, she's one of the nicest cats around.


A calico cat with green/blue eyes and a white chest, paws and underbelly.

She is caring and kind, very sneaky and loves to hunt. Even though she is in The council she still would love to have a mate.


A tortiseshell and white she-cat with ginger paws, a slightly crooked white tail, and green eyes.

Personality: Wise, compassionate, loyal, and sometimes hyper. New to SkyClan.


Silver tabby-and-white she-cat with pale blue eyes.

Personality: Friendly, sweet, and loves kits like her own. New to SkyClan.

Toms Edit


black longhaired tom with brown paws and blue eyes.

Loves kits and is fairly new to SkyClan.\

current pairingsEdit

Poppysky X Brownfoot= none yet

Oakflame X Echowave (secretly) =none yet