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Leader: Icestorm
Deputy: Hawkfire
Sr Warriors: Echopaw, Drew, Fox
Warriors: Birdpaw
Apprentices: Hollyleaf, Maplefern
Elders (Inactive Members):
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  • December 23, 2011 - This project is back on the track baby. Let's delete all the member and start over! (Whether to keep the blanks or make new ones is currently being discussed). Voting for a new leader, deputy, senior warriors, and elders will start soon. HAWKFIRE98 18:27, December 23, 2011 (UTC)
  • January 1, 2012 - Happy New Years everybody! :D All authorities have been decided, and this project is back on track. Just a reminder: Please don't use any of our blanks or chararts outside of this wikia! And before putting up a charart, please reserve it in the blanks below. A new rule has been made: An apprentice must have three approved chararts in order to become a warrior. HAWKFIRE98 20:29, January 1, 2012 (UTC)
  • January 24, 2012 - Alright, this is annoying. Please read. Do NOT post a charart or even damn DOWNLOAD the blanks till you have been accepted in >.> This really gets on my nerves and will make you slip to my bad side in seconds. And I can be SCARY. So please, ask first. --Pepsicle FEAR ME. FOR I AM THE KING OF PEPSI 02:03, January 25, 2012 (UTC)

Reserve an ImageEdit

Reserve an image on the table below. Always be sure that no user has already reserved an image before you reserve your character. If your reservation has been up for two weeks and the image has not been put up, your reservation will be removed and therefor be avaible for others to reserve.

Warrior = W
Medicine Cat = MC
Deputy = D
BloodClan Warrior = BC
Prey-Hunter = PH
Apprentice = A
Queen = Q
Leader = L
Kit = Ki
Rogue = Ro
Medicine Cat Apprentice = MCA
Loner = Lo
Cave guard=CG

Here is a list of cats who need images.

Name Character 1 Date Added Character 2 Date Added Character 3 Date Added
Birdpaw Leopardpaw (A) December 23 None N/A None N/A
Dalton None N/A None N/A None N/A
Drew Snowpaw (MCA) 12/27/11 Dappleheart (W) 12/26/11 Ottersplash 12/26/11
Echopaw Echowave (W) December 23 None N/A None N/A
Foxclaw None N/A None N/A None N/A
Hawkcake Hawkfire (W) December 23 Lostsoul (D) December 24 Nettlestrike (W) December 28
Icestorm Icestorm (W) N/A None N/A None N/A
Maplefern Maplefrost (MC) January 15th None N/A None N/A
Nightfall101 None N/A None N/A None N/A
Nighty98 None N/A None N/A None
pebblefgt Brookshade(W) N/A Kai(R)

December 28



Blanks Edit

These blanks are for the use of Cats of the Clans, and Cats of the Clans only. Please do not post chararts from this site, or any of this line art on any other site. Thank you, Nightfall.

Approved ImagesEdit

Click here for a list of approved chararts.

Project & DirectionsEdit

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