Welcome to Cats of the Clans Wiki!
Hi everyone! Welcome to Cats of the Clans Wiki! Here, you can choose cats to live in each Clan, roleplay ideas with suspicious plot twists, and create any cat you'd like (as long as it's realistic and it can actually happen). As you're here, remember to follow the rules that will be drafted eventually, be nice and respectful to every user, and have fun!

• First off, respect every user and treat everyone with kindness.

• Ask for permission before you do anything that will effect a lot of things.

• No swearing.

• Do not be rude to any user.

• Don't copy signatures/userpages, please.

• When you're roleplaying, do not create any unrealistic scenes. If you're confused on whether an idea is unrealistic or not, go a staff member.

• Any attacks or scenes must be detailed. No killing, hurting, or describing an important scene with one line and no response from the other roleplayers.

February 2nd, 2013: Cleanup is undergoing. -Icy
How the Wiki Works
  • Coming Soon

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