Welcome to Cats of the Clans Wiki!
This Wiki is widely inactive and for the most part unmoderated due to the lack of activity. It has not been actively used as a community in quite a few years and remains here as an archive.

Hey y'all - I'm Echo and I used to be a former admin and rollback on this wiki back in the early '10s. It's been quite a few years since this wiki has been active and a community, and while I don't mind other new people making pages and having fun here, I do ask that you not take art created by others. You're free to use photography of cats (as long as it's free for re-use) but please don't take character art from here OR Warriors Wiki. I still sometimes come in and I won't hesitate to remove images used without an artist's permission. Other than that, people are free to do what they want! We (being the remaining 3 admins) have no plans currently to do anything with this wiki besides hold it as an archive for our childhoods, so you can use it as you wish. Just be respectful of the art you use, and any userpages you edit. Thank you! - —Echoblossom sketchy girls & lipstick boys 01:14, October 14, 2018 (UTC)
February 2nd, 2013: Cleanup is undergoing. -Icy
August 16th, 2018: Currently an inactive wiki. - Echo
October 13th, 2018 Reminder to not use images that are not yours. Thank you.~ - Echo