Grayish blue tom cat with orange eyes and golden cresent on his forehead.

Current: None
Past: None
Gender: Male/Female
Idlekit, Snoozingkit
Mentor(s): Unknown
Apprentice(s): Leo
Roleplayer: Rolelayer123


Artemis is a street cat that steals food from from markets and other places to survive. He doesn't get scolded much because the villagers think the cresent on his forehead can cause bad luck to anyone who mistreats him.
After a few months, he met Leo who had become a stray a few days ago. Artemis decided to make him his apprentice.A few weeks later, Atremis stole from the wrong cats and was chased for it. When Leo waited his return in their hideout, he grew impaitent and walked outside. He then saw that he was being chased and decided to take a stand. He ran up to the two black bulky cats and slashed them both real good.
About five months later, Artemis and Leo decided to move out of the village and explore the counrty. Thats when they met Brisk. Brisk is a light blue gray tom that enjoyed helping others and decided to tag along. That was when they herd a big commotion in an alley. That's where they found Luna, Jade, and Lily.
The three of them were all sisters and had lost their home to a construction site. Luna was in a clash with two other she-cats while Jade kept young Lily safe and protected. Artemis and Leo helped fend the she-cats off while Brisk helped calm Lily. Luna thanked the three of them and asked to join them. Artemis said yes and their group was complete.
After a few adventures, Luna and Artemis became more and more closer and soon enough became mates. A week later after their hook up, they found an orange kit named Pieper.
She was a kit that was blind and needed to be cared for. Artemis didn't take her to the group, but lead her to the animal shelter so no harm can be done to her. When Artemis left her, he thought he should go back and check. When he did she wasn't there anymore. He then ordered everybody to look for her. Artemis looked every where and saw that she had travled into the river and was at the point of drowning. Artemis called in Brisk to save her knowning that his shorter coat would allow him to swim faster. Brisk mannaged to save Pieper and was now part of their group.
They were now headed to the dark forest with the wobbling Pieper in their group. They travled through the forest slowly so they wouldn't get lost on their way inside. Pieper anounced she began hearing movements in the trees. Artemis called Brisk and Leo to climb up and see if there was any other cats.


Artemis is quite a great leader and makes excellent choices for clans to be safe and protected.

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