"Sunblaze, I feel fine now. Can I go? I think I can be an apprentice soon!" Beechkit squeaked.

"Yes, you can leave now." Sunblaze replied.

"Yay!" Beechkit cheered. He ran full speed out of the den and then towards the highledge.

Echostream- Sunblaze?

Sunblaze purred as Beechkit ran out and his warm amber gaze focused on Echostream. "Yes?"

He placed his paws on Echostream's stomach. "Why...yes! Echostream, yes! You're expecting kits. Congratulations to you and to Barkfoot!"

Echostream - " Thank you " ( trys to keep self from jumping around )

Sunblaze called for her. "Wait! You may resume your warrior duties until the next moon, then you must move into the nursery. Call for me if you feel anything."

Echostream - " ok and have you seen Barkfoot "

Echostream -" I have been feeling like this for a while though "

Sunblaze stifled an annoyed sigh. "Barkfoot is out on patrol, and instead of a full moon, do half a moon more of warrior duties before you move in." He dipped his head and backed into his den.

Sunblaze carefully placed the catmint in a safe, secure place and soaked the comfrey leaves in the puddle before placing them with the older comfrey.

Flintwhisker peeked his head in. A huge rabbit dangled from his jaws. "Sunblaze?" he called. "I've brought you some food...If you like.."


"Help me! Sunblaze!" Sagepaw yelled.

Mapleclaw: *stands by Sagepaw with a worried look on his face*

Echostream " Sunblaze, Heatherdoves paw is bleeding.

Twilightkit coughs.

Pinewhisker padded in. "Hey Sunblaze! This paw is acting up again! Do have anything for it?" he croaked.


Whitewater ran in, skidding to a halt. He gasped for breath, then looked for Sunblaze. "Sunblaze!" he yelled. "Serinna is dead! We need you in the elders' den right now!"

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