This is the den of the softpaws in the Ancients. You can rest here after a good day of training.


Fish Song kicked some moss. "I'm bored!"

Thorn's Prick padded in. "If you want, you can come hunting with me. Better to hunt with a grumpy old sharpclaw like me than lie around all day."

Fish Song's eyes glowed as she padded out with Thorn's Prick.

Shimmering River padded in.

Ice Glare looked up at Shimmering River. And mewed, "hello"

"Hiya Ice Glare!" Shimmering River grinned. "How are you?"

Ice Glare: "I'm good. you?"

"Great! I'm going hunting with Sun Dapple in a moment. Do you want to come?" Shimmering River smiled happily.

Ice Glare: "Sure!" *ran out*

Shimmering River followed quickly after her.

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